Top 10 oldest professions still relevant (those that are really useful)

Influencer, Youtuber, or zumba teacher: professions that did not exist ten years ago, and that we will perhaps one day find in our history books. Well, not us, but the children, children, our children’s grandchildren. Well, if the planet hasn’t exploded by then. Short. Of course, lots of new professions are appearing around us, but did you know that you also come across jobs that have existed since the dawn of time every day? Or at least for a very long time. Kind who are older than Jesus, and yet are still there. Spoiler: the second will surprise you.

1. Sex workers

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world “: a sentence that we have all read or heard, at least once. If it is difficult to affirm it, one thing is certain: prostitution is indeed one of the oldest known professions.

Already, we are going to ask the leases directly: prostitutes are not only women. Since the first allusions to the profession in history, we speak of “prostitutes of both sexes“. That being said, we can begin.

We have to go back to theancient times to identify the first references to prostitution. On the shelves of Gilgameshalready, we refer to it (and the thing is not very young: it is one of the oldest literary works in the world. They would have about 3500 years, and would go back to the time of the king of Ourouk in Mesopotamia.) At the time, there was no question of money yet: sexual favors were framed by religion. We are talking about ” sacred prostitution“.

Prostitution defined as we know it today, ie remunerated sexual practices, remains very old: as early as the 2nd century BC, prostitutes were registered on a special register, and must have a license to practice.

From the Middle Ages, the profession is really supervised. The practice is considered natural, but the “girls of joy” must wear a particular dress, to differentiate them from other women. Yes, a rule applied only to women. In question: from this moment in history, male prostitution is silent, hidden, kept secret. Gender equality lalalalalalaaaaa.

Change of mentality in modern times: from the 16th century, the profession entered the register of clandestinity. Sex workers are then hunted down, imprisoned and sometimes even banned. Prostitutes are accused of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Today, this job is still considered clandestine in France, even though it’s the oldest job in the world.

2. Stonecutter

So ok, it does not run the streets. But still, it still exists. And let’s face it, it sucks as a job. So yes, right away, we think more of Obélix than of a dynamic young executive. However, it is a fashionable profession.

More commonly, we speak of “building artist”, “building technician” or “craftsman”. The job: to make the most of a block of stone (right? Swear?) by giving it the desired shape, in the field of art, as in that of construction (by making architectural elements such as walls, arches or vaults). If it’s a job that excites you (and we understand you. I’ll say it again, it slaps): I’ll put the Onisep page for you here to learn a little more about this training, which is original to say the least.

Top 10 oldest professions still relevant (those that are really useful)

3. Baker

A profession immediately much more common, especially in France. And yet… The first bakers were brought back from Greece, to Italy, by the Romans, in the 3rd century BC.

In France, the oldest baker’s guild regulation, known as “talemeliers”, dates back to 1260. Needless to say that today, in France, you find this profession everywhere, on every street corner. , in any city or micro village. Cheers for baguettes, croissants and chocolates… Pain au chocolat.

4. Brewer

Without them, no foam. No foam, no beer bar. No beer bar, no outlet worthy of the name. And so no friends. No social life. Depression. A life without taste or color. HAPPILY, they exist, and for a long time. Much more than you might think, in fact! The first beers appeared… in 4th century BC ! Yes, yes, I swear, we were already drinking pints before we even knew how to write on paper. Like what, the sense of priorities is quite old too. And beware, at the time, in Egypt, this drink was considered that of the gods. Just that. Enough to calm those who call you drunk, just because you’re having one of these delicious nectars every night.

Top 10 oldest professions still relevant (those that are really useful)

5. Butcher

Here too, it is one of the oldest professions still very much present in our daily lives, no offense to our vegetarian friends. Or vegan. Or vegan. Flexitarians. Pescetarians. And all the others. BRIEF. The first “butchery” could date back to… 250,000 years ago, in Jordan, near present-day Azraq. So, yes, it goes without saying that we are not talking about butchery as we know it today, with a cash drawer and cold rooms. But according to archaeologists from the University of Victoria in Canada, tools that would have been used to cut meat have been found. Even if we eat meat since the dawn of time, these utensils seem to have been designed specifically for cutting animals. Among them: stones for cutting and others for scraping.

In ancient times, the profession began to structure itself: a framework for the organization of the profession, with corporate distinctions, was found.

6. Farmer

During antiquity, and in all civilizations, agriculture was the most important activity sector of the economy. At that time, we mainly find the cultivation of cereals and pastoral breeding (herds, roughly); but also viticulture, arboriculture and vegetable plants.

Moreover, in mythology, there are gods dedicated to these professions. Among the Greeks: Demeter for agriculture and Dionysus for wine. On the side of the Romans, and in the same order: Ceres and Bacchus. We even find Vertumnus, God of gardens and orchards.

7. Doctor

Heysre is the first known doctor. An Egyptian, chief dentist and physician to King Djoser. That is to say… In the 27th century BC! We thought it was old, but it’s still more than 4600 years old.

And good news: among the names of the first doctors to come down to us: Peseshet, the very first known female doctor. She would have practiced under the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty, between -2670 and -2450. If you want to discover other women scientists who have been a little zapped from history, we have already made you a great top on this subject! And if the subject really fascinates you, you have women here who should be in the history books.

8. Gynecologist and midwife

To stay with the theme of medical science: medicine for women, and in particular that which affects their sexuality, has existed since antiquity.

First, the midwives. In ancient Greece, we speak of “maieutics”, namely: “the art of giving birth”. These professionals occupied a privileged place in societies, recognized as the first protectors of mothers and their children. Until the 17th century, they were the only ones admitted into the family circle, at the time of birth. The designation as “midwife” dates from 1212. Etymologically (word triple count in Scrabble), it means “who has knowledge of the woman (implied, the pregnant woman)”. NEWSFLASH: Saying “midwife” for a man is therefore not strange. On the other hand, “wise man” is physically impossible. You follow ??

The gynecologists, then. Among the first: a first, Agnodice. Coming from Athenian high society, she disguised herself as a man in order to be able to attend medical classes. In 350 BC, she then became a gynecologist, without revealing her cover.

That was a long time ago, and the issue of female genital health is even older: The Kahun Gynecological Papyrus, dealing with female diseases and problems with conception, is over 3800 years old.

Despite this head start: we still have a lot of progress to make for sexuality and the treatment of female pain. But there, I do not teach you anything. Finally, I hope !

9. Hairdresser – barber

If today, it’s a bit like the meeting place for the guy who takes care of every detail of his appearance, barbers (also called “barber” to make it more stylish) have been around since the dawn of time. Or should I say, since the 5th century BC. Yes Jamie, in Ancient Greece, men had long hair and long beards, which had to be trimmed, curled, and combed. This is where the first shops opened.

More than just a moment of well-being, barbershops were a kind of club for men, where they met to discuss philosophy or politics. At the time already, professionals were not satisfied with a scissor cut: lotions, ointments and beeswax were applied to moisturize and make beards and hair shine.

The craziest thing: the curling iron already existed! Kinds of big pruning shears, which were heated. Really something to add to this top objects much older than you think.

Top 10 oldest professions still relevant (those that are really useful)

10. Lawyer (the job, huh. Not the fruit.)

In Antiquity, Lawyers were not exactly those we know today. However, it is indeed in Ancient Greece that the origins of this profession appear. In 591 BC, we find the “Solon code”. Basically, its application requires defendants to defend themselves, but authorizes them to appeal to a logographer to write their speech. We are therefore not yet talking about a lawyer, but these people, responsible for writing the defense of others, are its precursors. Moreover, etymologically, “avocado” comes from “vocatus”, which means “called for”. Logographers like today’s lawyers are ” called for » assist a defendant in court. The first: Antiphon (480 – 410 BC). The best known is on the side of Ancient Rome: Cicero (it’s not square. AHAHAH. She was easy, ok.) He lived from 106 to 43 BC.

The Order of Lawyers goes back to Justinian (527-565), THE Byzantine emperor. From there, this profession is considered that of the knights of the laws, assimilated to the military, since it fights to defend the poor and the humiliated.

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