Top 10 of the worst village names in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

A few months ago, Topito’s investigation service lifted the veil on the attribution of city names in France. A beautiful mess which partly explains the stupid names with which these towns of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes are decked out today.

1. Lapeyro

At Topito, we know how to receive! You land on a top and there, right away, bim we serve you Lapeyro on a tray! And the most incredible thing is that this locality in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes is twinned with the town of Cawet in Wales!!! Yes that’s a lot of exclamation points on just a few lines but it’s well worth it. Finally, “would be worth” because unfortunately, the story of the twinning is still an old rumor of counter carried by illustrious pillars of bar, which one hastened to swallow like the first of the somewhat credulous suckers.

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2. Glanding

Direction the Drôme in this small town of 113 souls in which… nothing happens. And that’s what’s good! At the same time, the guys announce the color on the panels as soon as they enter the village. An essential pilgrimage for all procrastinators worthy of the name.

3. Cut Throat

If this village of Puy-de-Dôme has a name to make any BFM TV host hyperventilate, in reality, not much is happening there. The last time a journalist was interested in Coupe Gorge, it was a punchy article on the village bakery. And last I heard, JJ Bourdin doesn’t give a damn.

4. La Coucourde

La Coucourde to the north of Montélimar doesn’t just have a stupid name, the town also has a coat of arms where a golden squash sits proudly (the squash is called “coucourde” in Occitan). To be completely complete, we must also tell you about the nuclear power station which serves as a panorama. We agree, it’s starting to do a lot for a small town of a thousand inhabitants.0/

5. Montcul

Welcome to the hamlet of Montcul to the east of Lyon, not far from the town of Meyzieu, which between us seems quite logical. Contrary to what one might think, Montcul is not a lost hole since a metal festival sets up its speakers there every summer. “Metal up your ass” as the other said.

6. Barcelona

Yeah with two “n’s” so what? Barcelona is located in the Drôme not far from… Valence, in France. 349 inhabitants would live there at the foot of the Citadel (“Barcé” in Phoenician language) according to the last census of 2016. The next time you are offered a short weekend in Barcelon(n)e, beware!

7. La Tronche

Another catchy name. The face is even nicknamed by some “the little Provence at the gates of Grenoble”. And there normally you say to yourself “why in this case give him such a name? Perhaps because at the end of the 19th century, the city of Grenoble transferred its civilian and military hospitals there… including the old people’s home in 1894. Not enough to keep morale high. Today, things are much better since 40% of the territory of La Tronche is occupied… by inter-municipal public facilities such as the incineration plant, the funeral directors, and the Grand Sablon cemetery. We are not bad there!

8. Le Mollard

The town of Mollard is located in the inner suburbs of Lyon not very far from Groupama Stadium and therefore from Olympique Lyonnais, a club that is used to having its supporters spit on it. Everything is explained.

9. Pussy

Ok, this Savoyard town has a name that would make a 5th grader laugh… but the food and drink doesn’t stop there. Indeed, in 1972 this charming village was reunited with the neighboring bled of… La Léchère! We obviously like the jokes in the region.

10. Pussy

We stay below the belt with this town located north-east of Valence, known in particular for its Dauphiné ravioli. Do not look for counter-kneaded or gritty valve, all this is extremely serious. As for whether Chatte would bring luck to its inhabitants, we only know that none of them has yet won the Loto. Unless he took advantage of it to get out of the way discreetly.

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