Top 10 of the worst played scenes in the history of the series, it makes everyone feel bad…

There are plenty of series actors who play badly; it is then necessary to choose between ignoring or stopping to look. The problem is that there are plenty of bad shows that you can’t help but watch and also plenty of great shows with one or two horribly badly acted scenes. Here is for you a small classification of really embarrassing scenes to watch because of terribly bad acting.

1. Chandler Riggs in “The Walking Dead”: The shove in the door

There are child actors who play badly, really badly, and Chandler Riggs is one of them. At the same time, it must not be easy to start playing in a promising 10-year-old series and to be stuck all your adolescence in a crap that never ends. The worst-acted scene in the entire series, so much so that it becomes hilarious, is the one where Carl tries to break down a door and falls to the ground. Incredible.

2. Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox in “Friends”: The marriage proposal

We all love Friends and its endearing characters but the actors aren’t super good at tear scenes. In Monica and Chandler’s marriage proposal scene, Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox are awfully bad. The trembling voice, the fake tears, the hands on the face to hide the bad game, nothing is going well and we are downright uncomfortable.

3. Hugo Culverhouse in “Game of Thrones”: The Death of the Stable Boy

The young Hugo Culverhouse lands his first role in Game Of Thrones and says to himself “this is my moment”. The problem is that he plays really badly and even if we only see him for a few seconds, it’s enough to remember his pathetic death.

4. Cole Sprouse in “Riverdale”: the speech of unease

If you have ever watched Riverdale, you are used to discomfort. More than the acting, it’s the script and the dialogues that are absolutely appalling. In this notorious scene, Cole Sprouse makes a ridiculous speech about how weird he is. The actor plays badly, the dialogue is pathetic, nothing goes.

5. Itziar Ituño in “La Casa de papel”: The bath scene

Everyone (or almost) enjoyed the first season of Money Heist, it’s after that it went into a spin. The characters are tearful and take themselves for cursed poets and the game of some does not help to straighten the level. In this scene from Season 5, the actress who plays Raquel takes a bath with Tokyo next to her (why? We don’t know) and gives us a performance worthy of an episode of The day everything changed.

6. Liam McIntyre in “Spartacus”: Zero Death

Badly played deaths in the series, we know a lot of them but that of Spartacus in the eponymous series deserves its place on the podium. It’s long, it’s boring, the guy plays badly and obviously he’s waiting to finish everything he had to say to die. Classic.

7. All actors except Jim Parsons in “The Big Bang Theory”: the group avoids Sheldon and Amy

The Big Bang Theory is not a masterpiece of sitcom, it is certain, but the character of Sheldon is so brilliant that one forgets the rest of it. The problem is that there are scenes where Jim Parsons does not appear and when we remove the recorded laughter which tells us when we are supposed to laugh, we realize that there is nothing funny.

8. The majority of actors in “Elite”: The family gets confused during the meal

The first season ofElite was downright likeable (even if there was nothing original in the script). The problem is that the main actors leave over the seasons and are replaced by others, so that there are no more interesting characters at the end. In season 4, we attend a meal with Benjamin and his children. Obviously, everyone is playing very badly and we don’t know where to go.

9. The three Sand Snakes in “Game of Thrones”: Reunion in the desert

We forgive the young stable boy for his ridiculous death, but as for the three actresses who play the Sand Snakes, that’s another story. Each scene where they appear, it is difficult to know which plays the worst as the competition is tough. The scene in the desert is surely the most ridiculous, we don’t believe it at all.

10. Eva Longoria in “Desperate Housewives”: Carlos sleeps with Xiao Mei

When we watch Desperate Housewives, we are not demanding with the actors but some scenes are really ridiculous. When Gaby hears her husband having sex with their surrogate through the baby monitor, she runs home and sees the couple in action in the car. And here the bad game comes into play. Eva Longoria leans back against the garage wall and breathes annoyedly like an actress from Little secrets between neighbors. Unsustainable.

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