Top 10 of the worst gifts from stars for Valentine’s Day, it’s nice but really had to…

Being a star isn’t always easy. You have to manage VIP parties, trips all over the world, careers, bad buzz, gossip… So it’s not easy to find time to brainstorm ideas to always do better than other people, it’s a lot of work. Some stars have therefore gone to great lengths to make the best Valentine’s Day gift possible. Unfortunately for them, it’s a total and bitter failure, and I’ve never felt so uncomfortable writing a top, that’s to say. Frankly, if it’s to receive shit like that, stay single, it’s better.

1. Laetitia Hallyday gave Johnny a donkey

In 2014, when the late Johnny was still alive, his little wife Laetitia gave him a donkey. Go figure why, maybe she wanted to call him Johnny Hânellyday, lol. Still, Johnny was certainly no longer in a condition to ride on it unfortunately, so we don’t really understand the point.

2. Angelina Jolie gave an olive tree to Brad Pitt

In 2011, when Brangelina still existed, Angelina Jolie thought it would be romantic to remind her boyfriend that he was an old branch by offering him a 200-year-old olive tree. But beware, not just any olive tree, oulala, she chose a bit expensive at around 18,500 dollars. Unfortunately their couple did not hang on to the branches, lol.

3. Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie breath mints

Precisely, speaking of a couple that fucks up, we may have the answer to the why and how of the separation of Brangelina. Because while his girlfriend offered him some plantation, Brad Pitt offered him mints. Yes, yes, you read correctly, because askip, he often carried it on his breath. So the guy said to himself “Here, what if for the feast of love, I reminded him that the casserole stinks with a severe beak? “. Oh no, but it’s strong, very strong, well I mean, respect anyway, you had to dare.

4. Justin Bieber gave Selena Gomez a J-shaped ring

There are those who give horrible gifts and those who give truly lousy gifts. Justin Bieber is part of the second category, and believe me, it must not be a gift (xptdr, stop me) to have him in your life. In 2012, when he was in a relationship with singer Selena Gomez, he gave her a ring with a J for Justin (not for judo, too bad) encrusted with diamonds. Can we do more kitsch, they have 13 or what? So, yeah, we were doing some weird stuff in 2012, but still.

5. Justin Bieber rented a stadium to watch Titanic with Selena Gomez

No, but when I tell you that Justin Bieber is really lame in terms of gifts, it’s not lol. Because a year before the J-ring story, the singer rented the Arena (formerly Staples Center) in Los Angeles to take Selena Gomez there and watch Titanic together. So Selena spent her evening at a sports complex watching people drown. Marvellous.

6. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez gave each other constellations

And yes, him again, what a champion. But this time, Selena also shit in the glue a little. In 2011, the lovers each offered constellations. Which is completely stupid because nobody can really buy stars and besides, they are probably already exhausted. But it was also certainly the case of their couple. They would more than deserve their place in the worst couples of stars with such actions.

7. Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian 1000 roses.

In 2014, Kanye West pulled out all the stops to impress Kim Kardashian by giving her a thousand roses, just that. But between us, ten roses or a thousand, who cares, it’s clearly rotten as a gift. With so much money, he could have bought her a trip, an apartment, new breasts. While roses suck, and hello water consumption to keep them alive. The planet is in bad shape and we now know why.

8. Megan Fox gave Machine Gun Kelly a necklace with her blood.

In the “I completely cracked my underwear” family, please welcome Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Yes, because in 2021, for Valentine’s Day, Megan Fox decided to give her darling a glass pendant with a drop of her blood inside. The guy was apparently seriously proud to carry his girlfriend’s DNA on him and she, delighted to see “his heart outside his body”. It’s funny, it reminds us of when they drank each other’s blood a year later during their engagement which was voted worst marriage proposal of a celebrity couple. There are some who give themselves to be first anyway.

9. Katy Perry gifted a lilac Bentley to Russell Brand

Well, we can recognize Katy for her gesture full of nice attentions. Because for Valentine’s Day 2010, the singer gave her husband a handsome car, a beautiful, very expensive Bentley. Except that she had the misfortune to buy it in lilac color, which is still a bit laughable. But we emphasize the effort, it remains the least worst of the gifts on this list.

10. Courtney Cox gave David Arquette a carousel horse.

The cause of Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s separation may have to do with this Valentine’s Day anecdote, since before their split in 2010, the actress gave an antique carousel horse worth $45,000 to his bloke. Already, we do not see the interest, especially when there is no carousel that goes with it. And above all, what could David Arquette have done with this fake nag? No, there Courtney, you held out the stick to get beat up.

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