Top 10 of the weirdest deaths of the Middle Ages, it sells dreams

Life in the Middle Ages was quite different from today. For example, there was no law on third-party payment when you went to the doctor, or even more surprisingly, there was no fabric softener detergent (one wonders what they did then to have soft sheets). In short, it was really an obscurantist era as evidenced by the fact that we had not yet invented electricity. Suddenly, people would die more, CQFD. But they would mostly die more oddly. INVESTIGATION (when I write in capital letters, it is to indicate that it is very very very serious).

1. King Béla I of Hungary

The guy is said to have died as a result of his throne collapsing. The stupid thing. Like what should always be checked twice if our chair is not too rotten, an accident happened very quickly.

2. Edward II of England

After being imprisoned by Queen Isabella, rumor has it that the former king was murdered by inserting a hot piece of iron into his anus. Practice oh so helpful since it allowed to camouflage a crime in natural death. Indeed, forensic pathologists at the time did not check the anal parts of the dead. Jesters.

3. George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence

The Duke was a bon vivant. The vinasse was his business. As a result, for his death sentence, he chose to be executed by drowning in a barrel of wine rather than beheaded. Hello the deadly hangover he had to pay for himself.

4. Martin I, King of Aragon

The guy reportedly broke out of the unlikely combination of indigestion and a fit of giggles. What is disturbing in this legend is that we do not know the content of the joke that killed him with laughter. It must necessarily be a little funny, based on “how are you with the stove? » HAHAHA. We knew how to laugh back then.

5. Inalchuq

Governor in the ancient Iranian kingdom of Khwarezm, he would have betrayed Genghis Khan who, in revenge, had the delicate attention of pouring molten silver into his eyes, ears and throat. Which may have inspired the death of Viserys Targaryen in the first season of GoT.

6. Sigurd Eysteinsson

In short, he was the first Earl of Orkney in Scotland. But Sigurd didn’t just have a weird name, he also had a weird death. Following a battle, Sigurd was infected by the tooth of one of his decapitated victims who would have planted himself in his leg because the head was hanging from the saddle of his horse. Dental revenge.

7. Henry I of Beauclerc

The king would have died of food poisoning while tasting his favorite dish: lampreys. Well you have to admit that the conditions for preserving fresh products like fish were not yet ultra developed, so in the end it must not have been so rare to eat spoiled fish. Remember, however, that anyone who likes to eat lampreys is decently unfriendly.

8. Brunehaut, Queen of the Franks

The Merovingian queen was publicly executed on the orders of Clotaire II. We would have first walked around naked on the back of a camel (well so far, we can say that it’s rather nice), then tied one leg and one arm to the tail of a horse, which hadn’t asked for anything by the way.

9. Bertrand Du Guesclin

The Constable dies of dysentery and pneumonia. Well so far, nothing too crazy. But he would have contracted these two diseases by drinking too much ice water after his fights under the heat of the sun.

10. Philippe de France, my kingdom for a pig

This young king who died at the age of fifteen owes his death to the irruption of a pig in high stress mode which would have frightened his horse, Philippe falls, is injured and dies. BALLS GLANDS HANGING NOSEBOOGERS.

All these deaths have been peddled for centuries and are more rumors than real historical facts. However, these deaths remain inspiring, because death makes you think if you think about it.

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