Top 10 of the stupidest boomer superstitions, no but seriously

Ahhhh our little darlings. These beings who gave us life, who help us carry washing machines when we have to move and who think they know lots of things when they really don't. If we love them with love, we must not forget that it is not always good to listen to everything they tell us. Because if they are the first to remind us not to believe everything we read on the internet, they are the champions at swallowing superstitions as credible as your friend at the end of the evening when he tells you “I'm not Drunk” with a pint in hand.

You can't sleep with a plant in your room because it's dangerous.

Legend has it that you risk dying in your sleep by sleeping with a plant in your room because it would suck out all the oxygen. Well, let me tell you that it's false, absolutely false, never heard of bullshit like that! So yes, it is true that plant photosynthesis stops at night and that, unlike during the day, it no longer produces oxygen and releases CO2. But this quantity is so tiny compared to all the oxygen that the plant produced during the day that there is no risk. In any case, its quantity of CO2 emitted will never be as high as that of your +1 who snores like a tractor.

You should definitely not cross your legs when you are pregnant otherwise the umbilical cord will end up around the baby's neck

This info is more false than falsehood, so really, stop spreading it everywhere. Crossing your legs poses no risk to the baby. The only annoying thing is if you have vein problems linked to your pregnancy: there it may not be great but it's just your guiboles that it will hurt. Never to your baby. So bend your legs on top of each other at 900 if you like.

It's extremely dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker

We still hear far too often from our parents this urban legend which says that waking up a sleepwalker could cause a heart attack. So yes, if you yell to him that there is a hostage situation in your 10 m2 living room, his heart may be a little upset, but otherwise, your sleepwalker will just be disoriented when he wakes up. Tell him to take the first left out of the room and everything should be fine.

You should definitely not remove white hair, otherwise it will grow even more.

If your salt and pepper hair bothers you, you can definitely pull it out without its number multiplying by 10 when it grows back. Indeed, since the hair follicle contains only one hair, it is impossible for it to multiply after being torn out or cut. Be careful though, pulling out the same hair too much can, in extreme cases, lead to alopecia, i.e. non-growth of hair and create a hole in your noggin.

We'll catch a cold if we walk barefoot

No, your father will no longer be able to chase you around the house and crush your feet because you're not wearing slippers. Yes, there is no risk of you getting sick from panards: viruses are only caught through the nose and mouth, so unless you walk with your head stuck to the tiles, there is zero chance that you will end up bedridden with a cold.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

In general, people who say this generally accompany their words with the famous saying “In the morning, you have to eat like a king; at midday, like a prince; in the evening, like a poor person.” Already, not cool for the poor. And then, it's totally false because you can be very healthy without eating breakfast. Theories that this meal was the most important are actually based on studies funded by cereal brands like Kellogg's and have therefore been debunked a long time ago. And in any case, a good breakfast depends on what you put in it. In short, let people enjoy emptiness if they like.

You shouldn't take too many photos of your baby otherwise it will damage their eyes.

That's it, that's just the reaction that comes to me when I hear darons and daronnes say that. So indeed, if you stick your flash in your baby's eye, he won't really like it, but taking photos of him lots of times has no chance of making him myopic at 8 months. So shoot your kid if you want, but don't impose these photos on your colleagues.

You have to wait to bathe after eating

Don't worry, you can eat your ham and butter sandwich two minutes before running to the water, nothing will happen to you. Those who say you have to wait two hours after eating to bathe are wrong. The real risk is to suddenly plunge into cold water when you die from heat (you know hydrocution). So nothing to do with the fact of grain. Yes, digestion raises our body temperature a little, but not enough to make our blood boil. And in any case, if you enter the water little by little, getting your neck wet, there is no chance that you will pass the weapon to the left.

Touching a baby bird will push away its mother

We wrongly think, because of our parents, that touching a baby bird that has fallen from the nest will give it a human smell which would prevent it from being recognized by its mother. But it's completely stupid because birds have a sense of smell close to zero, therefore zero at Iech, and are quite incapable of distinguishing a human smell so strong that it would push piaf mothers to abandon their kids. On the other hand, if you modify a nest, that's another story. In short, if you should avoid touching baby birds with your bare hands, it is more for hygiene reasons.

The alcohol completely evaporates when you cook it so it's safe for kids

Contrary to what your parents tell you when handing out risotto drizzled with white wine to your three-year-old, no the alcohol contained in it will not have completely evaporated during cooking. A Department of Agriculture study shows that 25% of the alcohol is still present after one hour of cooking and 10% remains after two hours. In short, if your kid starts staggering around and telling you that he loves you, he probably ate a little too much of the famous risotto.

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