Top 10 of the saddest cartoon deaths in history, according to the French

How are you, are you settled in? Are you having a good day? Are you quite happy to live? Well sorry, but we’re going to destroy all your good humor with a guaranteed 100% chialade top. For this we made you vote on the saddest deaths in cartoons and just doing the vote, my eyes got very wet so I won’t tell you the number of tears I shed to write the following .

1. Mufasa (The Lion King)

It’s the first. The number one. The essential. The king of the saddest death, obviously. I was able to fill a bathtub with tears watching this horrific scene 10 times in a row. Frankly if Disney wanted to make us cry so much they could have punched us in the stomach. Even if… between us… Mufasa had been looking for it.

2. Bambi’s mother (Bambi)

Basically, just the pronunciation of the name “Bambi” makes you cry.

3. Ellie Fredricksen (Up)

What’s crazy is that we don’t know this chick. We are stuck in the paws at the beginning of the film, we are told in accelerated a very long love story between the old gentleman and this nice lady until at the end she breathes her last sigh in the arm of his beloved. Great. Great. It’s not been 5 minutes since the film started that we’re already vomiting with tears. Do you realize how destabilizing it is for a child to see his parents crying hot tears?

4. Petit-Pied’s mother (The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders)

Personally, I put it at least on a par with the death of Bambi’s mother.

5. Rox’s Mother

AND BIM, from the opening credits, we see the mother of this poor Rox sacrificing herself to save her child and suddenly Rox find himself lost alone in the middle of the woods. Moral of the story: hunters are assholes and Disney takes malicious pleasure in traumatizing the kids.

6. Koda’s Mother (Brother Bear)

His death is certainly sad but it has the merit of bringing a good lesson to his assassin since it is by defending Koda that she kills a hunter whose brother takes revenge by killing her in turn. The mother then becomes a spirit and her assassin is transformed into a bear story that he understands a little about what life looks like when you get screwed by humans.

7. Babar’s Mother

Another dark hunter’s story. Globally, mothers rarely die from car accidents or long, incurable illnesses. They die stopped by hunters on the one hand, and always protecting their young on the other hand.

8. Coral, Nemo’s mother

At this stage of the top, I think we can clearly say that Disney simply wants to kill mothers.

9. Setsuko (The Tomb of the Fireflies)

It’s hard to choose between the death of Setsuko and that of Seita in the Grave of the Fireflies, the saddest movie of all time. In a Japanese city bombed in 1945, two brothers and sisters find themselves left to fend for themselves after their mother is burned to death before their eyes in a fire (and that’s not even the saddest part). After many hardships they try to survive without food, without shelter and without relatives until death takes them both away. First the 4-year-old little sister, Setsuko, then her big brother Seita. A golri movie of phew.

10. Marcelino

Marcelino is an abandoned little boy taken in by kind monks. But Marcelino is not a boy like the others since he is able to talk to animals. In the monastery there is a crucified Christ who offers the little boy to fulfill his wishes and how he wants to find his mother in Paradise. Well then he dies.

Even comic series manage to make us cry and that’s really bad. Enter Brian who clamors in The GriffinsEdna Krapabelle in The Simpsons (all the sadder since the character was retired because the actress Marcia Wallace, who lent her voice to her, had herself just succumbed to cancer), Seymour in Futuramamany other sad deaths could have found their place in this vote.

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