Top 10 of the most wooded French departments, to go for walks this summer

The deconfinement, we all think about it even if we are especially looking forward to being able to go out to explore a perimeter that will exceed the kilometer. Just to change scenery, while remaining in French territory. Luckily, our country is one of the most beautiful and varied in the world. France where you can find vast and magnificent forests. You still have to look for them in the right places, some departments being more wooded than others. Does a short walk in the woods appeal to you? Branch > tree > wood, did you have it?

1. Guyana

Inevitably, Guyana is largely covered with a thick tropical forest. Not necessarily the best place to find mushrooms or to go on an expedition with the children but technically, with 99% of forest, it is indeed the most wooded French department!

2. Landes

If with 83,000 km2 of forest, French Guiana is by far the first in this top, the Landes, with 5703 km2, are doing very well. The forests which, in Les Landes, have the merit of being particularly welcoming and photogenic, over more than 61% of the territory. Not far from the ocean, the largest forest in France, whose main essence is the maritime pine, will probably see an influx of tourists this summer.

3. The Var

3482 km2 of forest in the Var. Magnificent landscapes in this department whose woods cover more than 58% of the area. In particular, you can go to highly recommended places such as the Gorges du Caramy, admire the Caramy waterfalls and stroll along the edge of the Escarcets lake.

4. South Corsica

We can never praise enough the beauty of Corsica and of this department in particular, 55.9% covered with marvelous forests. For a wild, adventurous and exotic vacation, we’ve come to the right place!

5. Reunion

They are indeed the Reunionese, those who live within a postcard. Wooded the map please because Reunion is 53% covered with forest! A land of discoveries, perfect for more or less long and more or less difficult hikes. And then there are also volcanoes.

6. The Alpes-Maritimes

52.3% of forest in the Alpes-Martimes, with places such as the state forest of Île Sainte-Marguerite, the communal forests of Menton or Croix des Gardes and the forests of the high country. Variety!

7. The Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

3,400 km2 of forest, or just over 49% of the total area. Here, you can easily come across Scots pines, Alpe pines and holm oaks. Breathtaking panoramas for walks as exotic as possible.

8. The Vosges

We are not well there, in the mountains, far from the city? Here, we give largely in the softwood. You can walk in the middle of superb landscapes and enjoy the forest conducive to relaxation. The woods which cover with their beautiful green mantle, 47.7% of the territory.

9. The Gironde

4760 km2 of forest in Gironde, i.e. 47.6% of the total area. And that’s logical since we’re staying in New Aquitaine. You should know that the trees here were planted in the 19th century to drain the marshes. The Gironde which has a number of very welcoming towns and villages such as Soulac, Lacanau and Montalivet.

10. The Ardeche

With this department, 45.4% covered in forest, the opportunities for walking are legion. Dry forests, with beech and fir, at altitude, sometimes above 1400 meters, humid forests, in which pretty streams meander… If you live less than 100 terminals from here, you are varnished!

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