Top 10 of the most visited places in the world… on Google

Every month, millions of Internet users use Google to travel to the four corners of the globe, whether to play virtual tourists, or to prepare for a future trip. The insurance company Columbus direct had fun (super funny!) to draw up the list of the most consulted places on the Mountain View search engine. Expect to see country!

1. The Taj Mahal

Logically for a palace that is one of the most touristic places in the world, the famous mausoleum of Agra is the most searched tourist place on the search engine with 1.4 million requests each month. On Insta, more than 1.3 million photos of the places have been published with inevitably some duplicates… especially since it is forbidden to play the paparazzi in the enclosure of most of the palaces of the Taj Mahal. A word of advice if you’re in the area: manage to get your entrance ticket the day before your visit to avoid the messy and endless Indian-style queues! And on D-Day, show up before the opening, that is to say around 6 a.m. to enjoy the sunrise and above all to skip (a little) the crowd.

2. Machu Picchu

1.26 million curious people play the explorers of the Inca site on Google each month. It is even possible to visit it virtually via Google Earth with many 360° shots. On the other hand, do not expect to be able to move among the ruins as you would in a city, the Google Car had a little trouble getting up to Machu Picchu, and it was therefore a Google man who had to carry on his back the camera of 22 kgs.

3. The Burj Khalifa

160 floors, 828 m in height, 57 lifts, 1,044 apartments, 946,000 liters of water per day just for the air conditioning… but only 3rd of this top! The tallest tower in the world located in Dubai registers 1.10 million searches on Google each month. Moreover, if you want to see what the view looks like from above (panorama for 95km around), climb on the basket of a tile cleaner by clicking here.

4. Niagara Falls

This natural border between the United States and Canada continues to draw crowds. 945,810 Internet users google it every month, while 30 million set foot there every year, or even a little more than their feet… Like this tourist who, in July 2019, thought he was at Aquaboulevard and threw himself into falls to find yourself splashing 50 meters below. We obviously strongly advise against repeating the exercise.

5. The Eiffel Tower

916,270 google queries are made each month for the Eiffel Tower, almost as many as those for “SNCF strikes”, a timeless signature of made in France.


Stonehenge attracts nearly 1 million visitors to the site each year, while 833,690 Internet users google the site each month. It must be said that the site knows how to maintain its mystery as to its origins and uses. There is talk of a place of ceremonies, cremations, sacrifices, orgies, a game of Tetris that would have gone wrong, and even of Merlin the enchanter who would have made stones fly over the ocean to build the building…

7. Mount Everest

Each month, more than 778,000 lazy mountaineers who, equipped with all their gear (mouse, carpet with wrist rest, anti-blue light glasses), set off virtually to attack the 8848m of Mount Everest. A summit which should drop in the coming years since its measurement is made from sea level… which is increasing with global warming! And since we are in useless anecdotes, for some scientists, Everest would not be the highest peak on the planet… if we calculate its height not from the surface of the water, but from the seabed . Yes it’s twisted but in this case, Everest would be exceeded by a Hawaiian volcano called Mauna Kea with 10,210 meters in height!

8. The Statue of Liberty

The lady and her sandals have been crawling on her base since October 28, 1886. Something to ridicule any competitors during the pole test on Koh Lanta! A feat that 758,000 curious people watch every month from their screens, no doubt to remember that the United States was for a long time a strong symbol of freedom.

9. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Before being hit by a tram, Antoni Gaudi had time to put on track his incredible project for a cathedral that has now become a basilica. Started in 1882, the work should not be completed before 2032, the Sagrada Familia then becoming the most religious building in Europe (170m). In the meantime, 742,470 Internet users are interested in it each month on google.

10. The Pentagon

732,730 queries on google each month for the headquarters of the US Department of Defense… It makes you think! What are the guys hoping to find? Plans to infiltrate there in ninja mode, or anecdotes to liven up their conspiratorial evenings?

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