Top 10 of the most useful childish tips on a daily basis, to make your life more…

Our body is full of resources. And not just fatty resources. You can also do very useful and often very difficult things without complicating your life. This top will save you in extreme emergency or relative emergency.

1. Count down the remaining time before it gets dark

Well in general you know roughly when it’s going to be dark because unless you land in a country you don’t know, you’re still a bit used to the concept of night and day and generally you know around when it gets dark. But brief. Just in case, you just have to put your hand horizontally so that the sun is above your index finger. Each finger that separates the sun from the horizon line represents approximately 15 minutes. You didn’t understand anything? OK I sense you are asking for a Paint.

Top 10 of the most useful childish tips on a daily basis, to make your life more...

2. To find out if this month has 30 or 31 days

Well-known method, it is enough to tighten the points and to count the phalanges and the hollow between each phalanx. The first phalanx is January, the trough is February and so on. So in January that means there are 31 days, in February there are 28 days so it’s stupid but we know that there are not 31 at least, in March there are 31 days etc

For the months of 32 days, you have to do the same manipulation but doing the handstand.

3. Recognize a waxing or waning moon

The first letter of “ascending” is a C. The first letter of “descending” is a D. So far it’s easy. So you might think that when the moon is C-shaped, that means it’s growing, but no, in fact it’s the opposite.

4. To remember Roman numerals

You remember this sentence which makes no sense: “Go ahead Xavier, La Croûte De Maman”. It also works with this sentence “Vulva X, Lèche-Couille dans Mes roupettes” (except that you shouldn’t remember “roupettes”). Each letter is a Roman numeral: Vas-y (V=5) Xavier (X=10), La (L=50) Crûte (C=100) De (D=500) Maman (M=1000). On the other hand, in terms of value, I have no mnemonic devices, sorry.

5. To check if a battery is empty or charged

You put the battery upright, if it falls it is that it is discharged and will then be able to find the small bowl at the entrance of your home where your batteries die among other long forgotten objects.

6. To stop struggling with multiplication tables

OK so hang in there because this method is fucked up. You put both hands flat palm up in front of you. You number the corresponding fingers from 6 to 10 (6 for the thumb up to 10 for the little finger). To make 9 x 8 for example: on the left hand you bend the fingers numbered before 9 and 9 included (so thumb, index, middle, ring finger) and on the right hand the same with 8. Basically all the fingers bent correspond to the ten (so 7) and you just have to multiply the remaining fingers (1 on the left, 2 on the right) to make the units (2 x 1 = 2). It’s complicated to explain in writing and as personally I pay myself a hangover of death it’s particularly difficult for me so to do well I refer you to this video.

7. To measure approximately two decimetres

Well, the technique isn’t very convincing, but basically you’re doing a shaka (the sign of surfers who are cool and trendy) and the distance between your little finger and your thumb is about 20 centimeters. Of course, it can vary depending on the hands. The simplest thing is still to base yourself on your penis to have a reliable measurement of 5 cm.

8. To count to 10

This fascinating trick should save you from embarrassing situations when you no longer know which number is between 7 and 9. For this you take both hands (because you may not know it but your hands each have 5 fingers except if you had leprosy) and you count each finger in ascending order.

9. To defuse a bomb

First breathe hard to lower your heart rate, use relaxation techniques, once you are relaxed, you can activate your large gluteal muscles and rotate at the level of the kneecaps to put your body in situation of mobility.

10. To earn more than €1000 in less than two hours

To do this, just use your index and middle fingers and intertwine them so that they intersect, then close your eyes very tightly hoping that it really works. I PROMISE I HAVE TESTED IT AND IT WORKS!!!!

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