Top 10 of the most unusual drug packaging, dealers have imagination

Although illegal in France, the drug trade remains a market, with all its rules. Among the new marketing trends: original packaging. More and more dealers are surfing this funny wave, and the results are, to say the least, unusual?

1. Putin

A surprising discovery. The Libyan anti-drug brigade got their hands on more than 300 cannabis resin tablets bearing the image of Vladimir Putin in early February 2022. Knowing the character, we would not have taken the risk… But obviously, the products with the effigy of Putin, it always works well!

2. Mario Bros.

The sense of detail… It’s hard to know which one prefers between Mario’s style, small bob and big glasses on the nose (aiiiight), the inscriptions “big moula” (which designates both money and drugs) or the bright colors of the package. For the most naive among us, who think they’ll find little collector’s cards inside that are too cute, hehehe, NO. Intercepted by the Nantes police in December 2020, these small bags simply contained hash. There were still a lot of clues, right??

3. Dupond Moretti

October 2021, sachets of cannabis bearing the image of the Minister of Justice are found in Isère. Remove me from doubt, isn’t packaging supposed to sell? No because there… Well Mario looks cooler.

4. Didier Raoult

The packaging bearing the effigy of well-known people is obviously the law in the world of this illegal trade. After Poutine and Dupond-Moretti, the turn of Didier Raoult to be propelled muse of illicit products. Discovered in November 2020 by the Nantes police (again??!), more than 103 grams of cannabis were seized. To pack them: about 90 stickers, with the face of the doctor made famous by the coronavirus pandemic. We thought his thing was chloroquine, not the big moula…

During the search of the car, the police noticed that the young man was using stickers bearing the image of the Marseille professor Didier Raoult to sell his goods.

Posted by France Bleu Loire Ocean on Friday, November 20, 2020

5. Batman and Milka

Discovered by the Annemasse police station, in co-referral with the Annecy branch, 6.5 kg of cannabis resin were found in the fuel tank of a car in September 2020. Their little extra: images of Batman or the Milka brand on the packaging. Did you really think that would make you guys invincible? Well yes, of course, and the groundhog puts the chocolate in the aluminum foil too?

6. Haribeuh

“C’est beau la viiiie, there’s weed and teuchiii”: the slogan, a parody of the famous confectionery brand, found in the Vaucluse in January 2022, on sachets of… guess… Well yes, weed . That’s kind of the subject of this top, actually.

7. Kinder Surprise

This time, we are in Essonne in March 2021. While the police search the home of a dealer, they find (many) drugs, hidden in pouches imitating the famous brand of chocolate. Also found: plates with the effigy of Didier Raoult… Is it a fad, or what??

8. Skittles

By far the best packaging of this top, even if drugs are bad (really). In 2019, in Quebec, the police get their hands on these packages, almost identical to those of the brand. Inside: small colored candies. It really is to be mistaken! Only very small difference: these are made of marijuana, unlike those sold commercially (but no??) We’re not going to lie to each other, it’s shit, but it’s still really ingenious!

Cannabis edibles offered in packaging modeled after those of major recognized companies,…

Posted by La Presse on Monday, January 4, 2021

9. PNL at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Way to pay tribute to rappers legally, what! And it’s happening again… in Nantes… I’m not passing judgment, I’m just observing… It’s still the third point of this top to happen in this city… How are you, the people of Nantes? Are there things you need to talk about?

In recent months, bags bearing the image of “Mario”, “Kinder surprise” or even “Professor Raoult” have been discovered by the Nantes police.

Posted by France Bleu on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

10. Macron, full relaxation

And hop, a new politician to find himself, without knowing it, on a small totally illegal bag. This time, it’s Manu who pays the price. And it must be said that our budding artists (lol) have given themselves: red eyes, almost in orbits, small oinj in the mouth, all on a silver background. Love it or hate it, we recognize the quality of the editing.

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