Top 10 of the most unusual airplane flights in history, we are better off on the ground

If, like me, you are already afraid of flying two weeks before boarding, you should avoid reading any news that deals with these machines that fly above water for several hours even though they weigh several tons. That’s why today I suggest you read at least this top which deals with some of the most unusual airplane flights in history, those during which quite original things happened.

1. The flight that left for a big party with influencers

At the very beginning of 2022, a plane with about fifteen Canadian influencers on board was the scene of a huge unmanageable evening: excessive alcohol consumption, cigarette smoke, sex… In short, a big mess that overtook the members of the crew who failed to gain respect. Moreover, the company refused to bring them back to Canada for their return and they remained stranded in Mexico. Well done for their influencer faces

2. The flight that allows you to celebrate the New Year twice in a row

For example, if you take a flight from Sydney at 2 a.m. on January 1 to Los Angeles, you can celebrate the New Year twice. It happens on some flights and one company has even decided to make a business out of it by doing it on a private jet. For a price that we imagine VERY expensive you will have the opportunity to do this once in your life. But you can totally use your money to do other things, it will probably be better by the way.

3. The plane to go nowhere

You may have heard of it at the end of the confinement, a Japanese airline offered passengers to board a plane that did a flight tour before returning to the same airport. A trip that therefore costs money, energy, pollutes but is of absolutely no use except wasting time. A great invention.

Top 10 of the most unusual airplane flights in history, we are better off on the ground

4. Flights that don’t fly

Why take a plane to fly when you can take a plane that doesn’t fly? A question that is obviously worth asking because another Japanese airline offers flights from Tokyo to Honolulu that do not take off. Inside you can eat a meal tray and stay seated for the duration of the flight until you finally get out and go home. Completely con.

5. The plane with a scorpion in it

You may have already seen the movie snakes on the plane, well, it’s the same but with a scorpion. But without Samuel L. Jackson, suddenly it’s not really the same in real life. In any case it happened during a flight, a passenger was stung by a scorpion and was disembarked for treatment. For the rest it was obviously a fairly standard flight.

6. The shortest flight in the world

Are you afraid of flying and want to take a little flight to try? You can then travel between the Scottish islands of Westray and Papa Westray. The flight lasts between a minute and two minutes depending on the weather conditions, it even lasted 53 seconds once so you see it’s the right way to test. It can probably be done swimming too.

7. The Flight of Gastro

Having a passenger who has gastro in the middle of the flight can be boring, but when there are twenty-six of them, it quickly becomes annoying, since there are not as many toilets on a plane. As a result, the flight attendants had to deal with all these people suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, and twenty-six sick people who were throwing up everywhere, you can imagine that it couldn’t have been easy.

Top 10 of the most unusual airplane flights in history, we are better off on the ground

8. The plane you have to push to start

This is a completely authentic story that happened in Russia when a plane heading for Krasnoyarsk had its wheels frozen and stuck to the ground when it was -52°. As a result, the passengers were forced to get out and push the wheels to take them off before re-boarding the plane. And you complain because there’s no apple juice on your flight. A photo of this moment would have made a great air travel meme.

9. The flight where the pilot falls asleep. Twice.

We’ve all had a bad night before because of insomnia, but when you’re a pilot, the least you can do is not endanger people and avoid falling asleep. Even more falling asleep twice, which happened to a pilot between London and Los Angeles. Not reassuring.

Top 10 of the most unusual airplane flights in history, we are better off on the ground
Picture credits: Topito

10. Emergency landing due to goat farts

A plane was forced to make an emergency landing in 2015 when fire alarms went off mid-flight. The cause ? The approximately 2,186 goats on board who were dropping too many crates due to stress, which was driving up the level of methane in the air. Not necessarily the flight you want to be on.

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