Top 10 of the most ungrateful stars, those who forgot where they came from

And you, what would you do if you became famous?? I hope you would deliver a box full of autographs to Topito’s office so we can resell them and make some money, or some other generous star thing like that. Because unfortunately, there are many celebrities who are not very grateful and forget that they did not start with a fanbase of 100 million people, like these stars mean to their fans or the stars who will follow. But that will never be your case, huh? Eh ?

2. Taylor Swift throwing away fan mail without even reading it

In 2013, while throwing newspapers in a supermarket container, a young American found hundreds of fan letters intended for Taylor Swift in the trash, some of them unopened. It turned out that Taylor Swift’s post office box, picked up by members of her team, was in this supermarket. Would the singer have nothing to do with the love of her fans? It seems like…

3. Justin Bieber spitting on his fans

It was 2013 (again), and at that time, Justin Bieber was in the middle of a teenage crisis. He was therefore photographed having fun spitting on his fans from a balcony where he was having a party with friends in Toronto. A nice way to thank his Beliebers in any case, it’s nice. Belieeeve, believe in our dreams, thank you Justin Bieber!

4. Michel Polnareff who shit in the face of Pascal Obispo

While Obispo has declared many times to be a fan of the singer of “We will all go to paradise”, the latter literally did not give a fuck and did not hesitate to let it be known with regular good spades. In 2004, when Pascalou dedicated his song “Fan” to him, Michel Polnareff also claimed not to have appreciated this dedication by dropping a “I have to hurry to release my record, before Pascal releases mine” . He then ousted Obispo from his 2007 tour. A beautiful person, isn’t he?

5. Bob Dylan who never speaks with his audience and does not introduce the musicians who accompany him

In the genre “Fuck off you losers”, Bob Dylan knows how to do it. He has a habit, in concert, of turning his back on the public, of never properly covering his songs and above all, of never talking to people. And the rare times he does, it’s to burn people taking pictures. Bob Dylan also knows very well how to get out before the end of the music. And it’s also been years that the singer does not even bother to present the musicians who accompany him on stage. But say it if we actually piss you off!

6. Miles Davis who always turns his back on his audience

Miles Davis may well be a huge trumpeter, but he is still a guy with an oversized ego that is quite disrespectful of his audience. He did not shake hands with anyone before a concert for fear of dirtying his faces and changing his feelings, always turned his back on the public during his concerts, covered his ears during the solos of other musicians, left the stage on several occasions …Not the guy you most want to have posted in your bedroom.

7. PNL singers who make a point of arriving at least 1 hour late to every concert and festival, while singing half of their lyrics stoned

Lots of people have experienced it recently: at the Les Ardentes festival in Liège, Belgium, the PNL singers showed up 50 minutes late, all for a 35-minute show. And do you think they apologized?? Nay, friends (we’re friends, huh?).

8. Lauryn Hill who makes her fans wait more than 2h30, without pressure, for an explosive concert

In 2018, the former voice of the Fugees stood out during his visit to the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. She had indeed arrived more than two and a half hours late and had performed one of the most worthless concerts of her career. A “chance” for the public, said concert had lasted only 35 minutes. Yes, it was the first time, but no! She was born under the astrological sign of lateness, but above all of fussing over her audience.

9. Liam Gallagher who does shows that are all more disrespectful than each other

Accustomed to dramas and outbursts of anger, Liam Gallagher distinguished himself well in his role as a brat during the Beauregard festival in Caen in 2022. After 20 minutes of concert where he had already re-entered, stopped singing in the middle of several songs and insulted members of the technical teams, the singer finally left, never to return. He did not appreciate having sound feedback problems and therefore decided to simply break up, despite the thousands of fans who had come for him. Recognition, you’re afraid.

10. Chevy Chase slaps fans without pressure

There are those who humiliate, others who make them cry and then there are those who hit their fans for no reason. Saturday Night Live star Chevy Chase is one of them, since in 2015 he gave a good slap to a fan who dared to interrupt him in the middle of a conversation. Not at all outrageous as a reaction.

Don’t worry my little apples, if one day I break through, I won’t forget that it was you who gave me the strength to pursue my wildest dreams, in particular that of creating a deodorant that reproduces the smell of a Comté left a little too much in the sun during the aperitif.