Top 10 of the most tyrannical reputed directors, those with whom you should not film

To make good films, you often have to be a good jerk. This is at least the conclusion to which we arrive by seeing the list of directors who are deemed to be the most unbearable of all time on their sets. We’re not talking about Michael Bay, but about guys who have produced masterpieces. From there to say that tyranny = obsession = genius, there is only one step.

1. Abdellatif Kechiche

The story made headlines shortly after the triumph of The Life of Adele. Kechiche behaved like a horror on set, pushing Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos over the edge, forcing them to shoot the lesbian sex scene for 10 days, using manipulation to get what he wanted…

2. Henri-Georges Clouzot

Meticulous and totally crazy, Clouzot managed to put Reggiani and Schneider in depression on the set of hell (you will tell me, there is something harder than pushing Reggiani and Romy Schneider into depression). Always dissatisfied with what he was doing, prey to visual delusions on the color stages, he made his actors play and replay and replay the same scenes again, until Reggiani broke down, punched him in the face. yells and leaves the set. At the end of the day, the film was never completed and its screenplay was finally directed by Chabrol, who was easier to live with.

van / Anefo” cc=”” url=” jpg”]Top 10 of the most tyrannical reputed directors, those with whom you should not film

3. Wong Kar-wai

More than physical or moral torture, Wong Kar-wai passes for a wanker. On the set of 2046, his most conceptual film (and in my opinion the most beautiful), the scenario was constantly evolving. The director sometimes arrived on the set simply to reflect. Just imagine the actors: make-up, arriving on time, waiting… Nothing. Wong Kar-wai was thinking. He also forced the actors to shoot entire sequences which, in the end, would not even make it into the film because he had changed his mind. Or how not to know at all where we are embarking. The actors fell out with him at the end of this shooting.

4.Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick tortured his actors, especially when they weren’t very well equipped to deal with this kind of behavior. Shelley Duvall, who plays the mother in shining, paid the price: to put her in the role, Kubrick spent the entire filming yelling at her, bullying her, belittling her, all the time. And to make him do hundreds of takes for a very simple plan. Duvall lost his hair from it (but his performance is great, well done swelling).

5.Alfred Hitchcock

Is it tyranny or Weinsteinism? Hitchcock had a borderline behavior with women. On the set of Birds, Tippi Hedren suffered real sexual and moral harassment from Hitchcock until she succeeded in making him understand that NO, they would not sleep together. Hitchcock’s answer? OK, but in this case you’re not going to be attacked by mechanical birds in the famous scene, but by real birds, so be it horror. 5 days of filming, the actress’s face scratched all over, heading to the hospital.

6. Francis Ford Coppola

It is particularly on the set ofApocalypse Now that Coppola’s madness has come to light. The hassles of filming are cream pies of cinephilia and we are not going to detail them all, but it should be noted that the director pushed Martin Sheen (after releasing Harvey Keitel initially chosen) to stuff his face permanently and even having a heart attack to match the role and adopts the correct expression during the opening scene in the hotel room. And Coppola, in defiance of all logic, not to inform the production of the heart attack of its main actor so as not to lose its financing.

Top 10 of the most tyrannical reputed directors, those with whom you should not film
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7. Maurice Pialat

Gruff and unpleasant, constantly questioning the talent of his actors, Pialat was hated and talented. On the set of Police, Anconina kept being belittled by Pialat who told him he sucked. And he only backpedals when Anconina, pushed to the limit, leaves the set. With Depardieu, everything was electric too, shots taken and shots returned. As for Jean Yanne, his main actor in We will not grow old together, he told the story of an unbearable shoot and a shitty director, unable to give the right direction to actors and obsessed with himself.

8. William Friedkin

On the set of the exorcist, Friedkin had a good technique for conveying terror in the eyes of the actors: he fired a gun. For example, at a moment of great agonizing silence only disturbed by a demon’s voice, the telephone rings and surprises the priest who has come to practice the exorcist. The priest must really be afraid. How to get there ? By firing a shot in the air, for example, without warning him beforehand. Friedkin also slapped a comedian by surprise to get him a tetany effect. Finally, the possessed little girl’s mother broke her coccyx after Friedkin threw her with all her might against a wall to create a wow effect at the camera.

9. Robert Bresson

Known for maintaining unhealthy relationships with his actresses, Robert Bresson notably tyrannized Anne Wiazemsky on the set of Random balthazar, so much so that the whole team nicknamed her “The little prisoner”. Atmosphere.

10. Jean-Pierre Mocky

Not a round on the set, everyone drunk all the time, a scenario in perpetual evolution, Mocky who makes the mouth and who SCREAMS. He yells. He yells at everyone, he yells at everyone, he hates everyone. It’s Mocky, what do you want?

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