Top 10 of the most successful infiltrations in history, the toughest spies

Contrary to what Hollywood tries to show us, it’s not the big muscles and the big guns that win the wars. In any case, not only. Among the forces that can change the fate of a war, there are also spies who steer their boat well, out of patriotism or personal interest.

1. Stetson Kennedy, the guy who brought down the KKK

Born in 1916 in the USA, Stetson joined the Ku Klux Klan around the age of 25 using the name of a deceased uncle and member, with the firm intention of showing the world that the social mission of this NGO was questionable. And he realizes there that their goodwill is not only to test the resistance to heat of blacks. It’s mostly fanatics with a huge fart in their headphones, who spend most of their meetings singing around campfires. Like in camp, but with pointed hats. Stetson then begins to tell their rituals on the radio, the idea being to ridicule them with possible new gogoles who would like to join them. But he goes further, since while searching the garbage cans of one of the chief gogols, he realizes that, contrary to what the Klan claims, blacks are not the only ones to break the law: despite their mountain money, the KKK pays virtually no taxes. Thus, in 1944, the FISC recovered $685,000 thanks to him, which somewhat annoyed the sect of pointy hats. His actions resulted in the dismissal of the Ku Klux Klan in 1947 by the state of Georgia and the conviction of quite a few officials.

2. Elyesa Bazna, the opera spy

Elyesa was a Georgian servant of the British Embassy in Turkey in the service of Germany during the Second World War. In 1942, he therefore became a servant of the English ambassador, gaining his confidence thanks to his talents as an Italian opera singer because it is known that one can always trust Italian opera singers. It’s starting to make a lot of nationalities in this story. In the process, he will offer his services to Germany, just to make ends meet. He quickly manages to make a duplicate key to his boss’ safe because the latter had left it lying around. We are really on a big brain. From there, he can photograph all official documents, and it’s not for Instagram. We trusted him because we considered him “too stupid”. As a result, we also had to trust the ambassador enormously.

Finally, an English agent infiltrated among the Germans warns his srabs that they are being bullied from the inside. But the English continue their grand slam of failure since they cannot catch him, he quits on April 30, 1944 and dies quietly in 1970.

3. Wolfgang Lotz, the Jewish Nazi

An Israeli in the service of the Mossad, his cover was quite surprising: that of a former Nazi. Dressing up as a Nazi when you’re Jewish? What a funny idea. Why ? But finally we will recognize it! In short, he landed in the 1960s in Egypt, with the aim of sabotaging the Egyptian missile program. He marries a German there when he already has a gow, but it’s for work. We call him the champagne spy because he really doesn’t get bored and apparently the booze goes kosher when you’re trying to prevent a war in the Middle East. After having steered his boat well, the Egyptians suspect something and suggest an all-expenses-paid move to a wire-mesh state building. He was finally released in 1965 and returned home.

4. Isabella Marie Boyd, the bg of the south

Having rather a racist and suprematist sensibility (tastes and colors…), Isa is on the side of the Southern States during the Civil War. So when soldiers from the North arrive at her house without knocking, she gets a little angry, pulls out a gun, and allows one of them to free himself forever from the weight of his responsibilities. The Union men put her under house arrest and watch her 24/7, but don’t kill her because they are gentlemen. Or maybe it’s because she’s really good, we don’t know. In any case, a bunch of them try approaches. They then begin to hunt her down with the best technique imaginable: by revealing war secrets to her. Why did I never do this? She obviously entrusts all these secrets to her slave, who undertakes to deliver them to the South. She will be arrested at the end of the war, then released, then arrested, etc… until she ends her life as an actress in England. Own.

5. Charles de Beaumont, the weighty transvestite

Born in 1728, Charlie worked quickly for Louis XV, in his dark cabinet, which was apparently a reality at the time. Responsible for making friends with Russia in the name of its king, he became a reader for Tsarina Elizabeth. Yes, reader. Ah yes, he was known to dress up as a woman. When the Tsarina realizes this, she attempts to blow herself up by opportunity, but he prefers bananas to apricots, so she takes offense and has him accused of insanity. He then returned to France before going to fuck the brothel in England 2 years later, where he stole and falsified a number of crucial documents. But in the end, his relationship with his superior deteriorates and, rather than an amicable separation, he shows great maturity by revealing hundreds of confidential French documents. Suddenly, he gets fired without compensation and disguises himself as a woman until the end of his life so that no one recognizes him.

6. Violette Morris, the sportiest of spies

Born in 1893, Violette really deserves a film: between 1921 and 1935, she professionally practiced shot put and discus throwing, football, boxing, cycling, motorcycling, car racing and aerobatics. She is also a member of the France Water Polo team, and all that while smoking 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day. She didn’t have much time to get bored, until 1927, a year before the first Olympic Games open to women, for which she was disqualified for violating morality. It must be said that she is bisexual and wears pants in public, she goes too far too. It makes her grumpy. So when, at the 1936 Olympics, she is the guest of honor of a little mustachioed German that you may have heard of, she is not very difficult to return. She will then begin to swing plans for the Maginot line, recruit French agents, and she will even do the total for us by joining the Gestapo. The resistance of his body to bullets was tested in 1944 by French resistance fighters.

7. Mata Hari, stripper in the service of France

Born in 1876, this Dutch woman began a career as a dancer at a very young age, which earned her her little fame. Then, in 1903, as her husband tends to confuse her with a punching bag when he is drunk, and he is very fond of alcohol, she divorces and leaves for Paris. As she corresponds quite a bit to the standards of beauty, her reputation is starting to be made. Especially since his producer suggests that he take off 2-3 clothes, probably because of global warming, this scourge. Surprisingly, her success is inversely proportional to the amount of fabric she wears. And it was very successful, all over Europe, for nearly 10 years. With the war pointing the tip of her nose, the French are showing their class and their legendary elegance by using her keum to make her sing. The Germans realize this but rather than kill her, they spread the rumor that she is a double agent. A few weeks after her return to France, she is screwed by one of the national prides, in which the French have become masters a few years later: denunciation. After a summary trial, she was shot in 1917.

8. Dusan Popov, James Bond before his time

Born in 1912, this Serb quite simply inspired the character of James Bond. At 24, when he proves his clairvoyance by studying in Germany, he is arrested before being released, delivered, in stride thanks to daddy who has connections. But this episode will give birth to a strong political consciousness in him, which could be summed up in these few words “J’M PA LES NAZI”. The Nazis, who have a hollow nose, recruit him to spy on the English. He accepts, but informs London directly, and actually works for them. From there, his not too complicated job consists in sending the information that the English ask him to send to the specialists in the import-export of Jews, who nevertheless have blind faith in him. He also warns the Americans 4 months in advance that the Japs are preparing an attack on Pearl Harbour, but they choose not to believe him because he spends three quarters of his life drinking, playing poker, and managing his employees. Ah yes, he was a pimp too.

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9. Charles Louis Schulmeister, the mastermind

This Austrian, first a smuggler, is then recruited by Napo, and they both become great friends. So much so that, for a few months, he will manage 2-3 cities and armies, which constitutes a real hope of retraining for all the criminals of France. But we remember more his career as a spy. In 1805, while Napo besieged the city of Ulm, Schulmi entered it and made the Austrian general who defended the city believe that a coup d’etat had brought down the little father who ruled France, via false newspapers and other fabricated evidence. Suddenly, the guy does not run away and does not ask for reinforcements, thinking that the French will soon break. Failed, and he ended up capitulating without really fighting, his emperor must have been proud of him. After a few small, unimportant feats of arms, such as infiltrating an Austrian war council, he hung up his crampons and died quietly in his country house in 1853.

10. Oleg Gordievsky, the Russian who wasn’t afraid of the KGB

Born in 1938, this Russian joined the KGB in 1963, but quickly had his teenage crisis in the system, and became completely jaded with the practices of his country. The English, not too dumb, see the opportunity and return it. Well seen on the part of the British, since Oleg becomes a colonel and is assigned to London in 1982. He will provide a whole lot of false information to the Soviets. Besides that, he will not have done much, since his biggest feats of arms will be to prevent a nuclear conflict in 1983, which would have been caused by a stupid computer error. He got burned in 1985, so he ended his life in England with the mif.

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