Top 10 of the most stylish concert arrivals, frankly it sends

There are sometimes concerts that go wrong, those that don’t go at all as planned because of the rain, a technical problem or because no one shows up. Fortunately, there is a good dose of memorable concerts where everyone is spellbound from the first notes. Some artists like to make legendary entries and that’s how they’re remembered.

1. Jul arriving on the Velodrome stage in a flying TMAX

On Saturday June 4, 2022, Jul was in concert at the Vélodrome de Marseille and once again made a sensational entrance. The rapper has a reputation for being very close to his fans, releasing more songs per year than More beautiful life no episodes and above all, to always remain humble. Except when arriving at his concerts and that’s normal, it has to look good. This time, our blood from the national vein arrived on a scooter hung by cables at a height of about twenty meters, while obviously making the sign of Jul.

2. The band Kiss takes the stage with fireworks

When a band arrives on stage already playing, it’s immediately super stylish. This is what the members of Kiss did during their 2012 tour. While playing the first song of the concert, the group descended on stage thanks to a platform accompanied by smoke and fireworks. The crowd was, of course, delirious.

3. P!nk falling from a giant balloon in Prague

In 2010, the singer P!nk made an exceptional entrance on stage during her concert in Prague. Hanging from a giant rubber balloon held by a crane, she came down on stage with an impressive landing when the balloon exploded, revealing dozens of smaller balloons. Downright stylish.

4. Michael Jackson arrives on stage in a spaceship

If there’s one thing we remember about MJ, it’s that he was a showman. He wanted to tell stories and the staging around it was therefore very important. In 1997 (we are talking about the very beginning of 3D animation), Michael Jackson’s concert begins with an animated film which shows a spaceship with MJ arriving on the stage. At the end, a setting is revealed with the singer in a ship. It’s cheap, sure, but that was in 1997.

The singer was also good at going off stage, like in 1992 when he left his audience in a jetpack. Big class.

5. Katy Perry in a giant star in the air

During her 2018 Witness Tour, Katy Perry passed through Paris and let me tell you, it was quite a sight. From start to finish, the set design was almost more important than the songs and it was a very successful extravaganza contest. For his entrance, the star lands in a cloud of smoke several tens of meters high while starting to sing. Nice.

6. Rammstein steps out of the audience with a torch and flags

In 2012 in Helsinki, when everyone was scanning the stage to see the band arrive and start playing, the members of Rammstein came from the other side. They walked through the entire audience to get on stage with a flaming torch (obviously) and lots of flags. You always have to be surprised.

7. The singer of The Flaming Lips in a giant hamster ball

It’s obviously your dream even if you don’t know it yet: to be carried by the crowd in a giant plastic ball. This is how the singer of the American group The Flaming Lips arrived on stage at the Oya festival in Oslo. I so want to do the same…

8. David Bowie coming out of the mouth of a giant spider

A David Bowie concert looks like a play with screaming fans on top of that. For the Glass Spider Tour, the star had planned an impressive scenography with dancers descending on stage by rope and himself perched on an armchair, talking on the phone. A spider more than 20 meters high dominates the scene and it is from the mouth of the creature that all the artists come out. Incredibly confusing.

9. Limp Bizkit fucks the haters out of a giant toilet bowl

When people criticized Limp Bizkit’s appearance at Ozzfest in 1998, the band members decided to hit back with a clear message: Anyone who thinks they’re doing shit can get screwed. At the start of each concert on their tour that year, there was a giant, dirty toilet on the stage and the band members climbed out onto the stage. Why not after all.

10. Didier Super, the one who turns every concert into a cartoon

According to an editorial colleague who saw Didier Super in concert in 2016 (everyone does what they want with their evenings what do you want), the singer and humorist arrived on a motocross jumping several meters from high to land on the stage. A performance that would have deserved a short video, it’s a shame.

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