Top 10 of the most spectacular places to camp in Europe

The great thing about camping is that you’re closer to nature. So you might as well choose spectacular places to take full advantage of this proximity and not the kind of thing where all the tents are against each other. Well, unless it’s your delirium of course! And before anything else, it may be time to look here at all the essential accessories for going camping.

1. Brushers Adirondack Shelter (Ireland)

In the most remote areas of County Wicklow, in the heart of this sublime region that has remained wild in places, adventure awaits you. Hikers can, for example, rest in specially designed shelters around Brushers Gap, Mucklagh or Mullacor. On the other hand, it is advisable to foresee everything because here, it is rather wild. But your original tent in the shape of a T3 combi will fit in perfectly.

2. Zur Mühle (Germany)

The Black Forest is magnificent. Which is good because you can camp there! In Zur Mühle where the holidays pass peacefully, to the rhythm of the river on which you can navigate before tasting the bread prepared on site or why not before taking a good hike in the heart of nature.

3. The Douro Valley (Portugal)

Wild camping, tolerated, allows you to taste this wine region (for the moment) preserved by mass tourism. In the north of the country, between heavenly landscapes and outdoor activities, there is no way to get bored. The ideal stopover before going to Porto or going down to Lisbon.

4. Unkervatnet (Norway)

To camp like a Viking, nothing like this site! Located in the municipality of Hattfjelldal, on the edge of a beautiful lake, the two campsites offering accommodation allow you to enjoy all that the region has to offer. The must !

5. Zante (Greece)

One of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Ionian Sea. There are some of the most incredible beaches on the planet like Alykanas and Tsilivi and the best thing is that you can camp there to enjoy all these riches from evening to morning! We sleep peacefully and as soon as the sun rises, we go swimming with the turtles.

6. Camino de Santiago to Burgos (Spain)

Spared by the massive influx of tourists, the Burgos region, in addition to being relatively close to France, offers an undeniable quality of life. At the Camino de Santiago campsite, for example, in the middle of the countryside, on the way to Compostela. We eat well, there are tons of animals to observe and in addition, we can also go to the superb restored site of Sad Hill, the cemetery that Sergio Leone built in a spectacular valley to shoot the final scene there. of the Good, the Bad and Ugly.

7. Le Clos du Lac (France)

Ideal gateway to explore the Écrins National Park, this campsite is also located on the edge of the Serre-Ponçon lake. A paradise for hiking, fresh air, outdoor activities, with family, friends or even solo. Into the (almost) Wild style!

8. La Pointe in Brittany (France)

You can take the risk of bivouacking in the middle of nature but it is not recommended. You can also find someone to rent or lend a space on their property. Otherwise, there is the La Pointe campsite, on the edge of the Aulne, closer to animals such as squirrels, red deer and owls. It’s nice isn’t it?

9. Bregenz (Austria)

Welcome to the shores of Lake Constance! Here, you can swim and admire the totally crazy landscapes of Austria, a stone’s throw from Germany and Switzerland. And as everything is done to facilitate wonder, it is quite possible to explore the site on foot or by bike, up and down.

10. Arolla (Switzerland)

At almost 2000 meters above sea level, in the Alps, this Swiss campsite is incredible. We get out of our tent and we see Mont Collon. Perfect for mountaineers, even if it is also possible to land there to simply admire the landscape…

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