Top 10 of the most overrated tourist sites, those to avoid

Like the last seasons of The Walking Dead, the majority of OM players, or the qualities of most of our exes, some of the most visited tourist sites in the world would be greatly overrated. In any case, that’s what several of you think when asked on the Topito Voyage Facebook page. Conclusions largely as reliable as those of the BMFtv surveys!

1. Mont Saint-Michel

Apparently, the runny omelet and the biscuits from Mère Poulard are not enough to restore the image of Mont Saint-Michel. In your eyes, the place has become a sort of old-fashioned Disneyland where passing pilgrims are no more than customers to whom to pass on souvenirs made in China. Soon, Normandy and Brittany will crepe their buns to pass on to the other the right to claim the place.

2. The Manneken Pis in Brussels

The Brussels statue of the “little peeing man” (translation of Manneken Pis) is clearly pshitt in your eyes. To the point of passing in front of it several times without even noticing it. Except perhaps when, like a doll, it is dressed in unusual disguises, or when the managers of the fountain increase the flow of water to water the tourists!

3. Niagara Falls

“It’s Las Vegas but you can actually see waterfalls in the background”, a comment by Fleur B that should be on all tourist brochures for Niagara Falls! It’s true that Americans have a knack for building cardboard casinos and hotels almost anywhere there are tourists. And Niagara Falls is unfortunately no exception to the rule.

4. Dubai

The perfect place if you want to test your immune system’s resistance to air conditioning, if you like to spend your days strolling through shopping malls, or worse if you dream of becoming an influencer/youtuber! Dubai is not America, even if it does everything to look like it…

5. Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Finland

Even a Suburban Shopping Center during the holiday season offers more of a dream than Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. The only magic of the place is to manage to make tens of euros disappear from our wallet, without our even noticing!

6. The Tower of Pisa

Despite sometimes flawed justifications, for you, the Tower of Pisa leans dangerously towards the side of the tourist trap. The only interest in going there: trying to do better than the worst stupid photos taken at the Tower of Pisa. And we’re not going to lie to each other: there’s a hell of a level!

7. The Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo

It’s meant to be the Japanese equivalent of Times Square, when in reality it looks like a common crossroads in the suburbs of Limoges! The only difference is that in New Aquitaine, there is no Starbucks around the corner to take a selfie from above.

8. The Wanaka tree in New Zealand

“Just an old bush in the water, what a rip off! Thanks to Loris for the punchline left in the comments on facebook! This famous solitary tree emerged from Lake Wanaka a little over 80 years ago, and was recently attacked with a saw, without the culprit having been apprehended. By the way, if anyone has any news of Loris…

9. The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

You are unanimous: the little mermaid is… small! At the same time, it was to be expected. But if there was only that, the worst according to you is having to tank an hour’s walk to get to this ugly statue. We recognize you there!

10. The Sistine Chapel

Obviously, some do not wear the place in the odor of sanctity. Too many people, too many guards yelling to be quiet – no doubt so that we can hear them better howl – it is even forbidden to take pictures! As well, go directly to Google image. In addition, as Juan Carlo D so rightly says on FB: “I’m disappointed, it looks fake! “Michelangelo, if you read us…

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