Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren’t we overdoing it?

We asked you to shoot real ammunition by voting for the most overrated series, the one that everyone praises a little too much when it’s not that great. I collected the results, I had them analyzed by Topito’s analysis team (which does not exist) and I can now present to you YOUR top 10 of the most overrated series. There will be surprises, disappointments, joy, resentment, affliction, fascination and many other feelings, each crazier than the next. Be careful, the Earth is in danger of shaking.

1. Money Heist

First place more than logical for the Spanish series which had started off with a bang (I’ve always dreamed of using this expression) and had quickly convinced a good part of France before we all realized that, finally , it was not so terrible. Me the first, I had written a daring top on the reasons to watch La Casa de Papel before we suddenly changed our minds by releasing a top of the reasons to hate La Casa de Papel because yes, at Topito , we are able to change our minds like our shirts. Anyway, we all tend to agree that this series, even if it is pleasant to watch, is full of inconsistencies and ugly characters that prevent it from being a real masterpiece. .

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

2. 13 Reasons Why

In 2017, we couldn’t take a step in the street without a fanatic coming towards us to ask us: “Hey, have you seen 13 Reasons Why? It’s great huh? I think it talks really well about bullying too, it’s very deep, we should show that to all the teenagers on the planet!!! » We had the impression that, for many, it had become the best series in the world. However, despite a nice first season with a good soundtrack and a scenario that makes you want to go to the end, we can’t say that 13RY bordered on perfection. The following seasons, we don’t even talk about it…

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

3. The Walking Dead

We can officially speak of the biggest disappointment in terms of series. The Walking Dead, when it came out, it was exceptional: we had creepy zombies, realistic and really deep characters, and a lot of action to punctuate everything. We were on the basis of one of the best series ever made. Then, from season to season, everything became repetitive, with some pretty cool bursts all the same, but never really enough to revive the series. Yet many have wanted us to believe for years that The Walking Dead was in the Top 3 all time, but even they now realize that they may have overdone it a bit. I am one of those people, and I apologize.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

4. Orange Is The New Black

It must be difficult to be a fan of OITNB: you try to convince those around you that this series is great, and as soon as they watch, they realize that all the characters are annoying, that you never want to relaunch an episode after finishing the last one, and that the series has benefited from much too much communication compared to what it really is. Sorry fans, but it’s the strict truth, and if you’re still in doubt, we refer you to the top of the reasons why Piper is the worst character in Orange is the new black.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

5. Game of Thrones

So there, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m SHOCKED. Taken aback, at least. OK, Game Of Thrones enjoyed the most exposure ever for a series. We talked about it all the time and it could annoy those who have never hooked. But this exposure, it was rather deserved: we have rarely seen a series that offered us such a complete show, with big battles, well-crafted political intrigues and lots of characters, each more vicious than the other. But here it is, if you have decided that GoT was overrated, so I respect your decision and I think that, it’s true, maybe Jon Snow was playing really badly.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

6. Stranger Things

The first season of Stranger Things deserved his praise. The atmosphere was great, the artistic direction even better, and the impression of rediscovering the fictions of the 80s was pleasantly regressive. It didn’t take much for the smart guys to come and proclaim loud and clear that it was the best series in the universe. We would not have been far from it if it had stopped after one season, because the sequel became much less captivating, especially with an increasingly ridiculous season 3. Did we really want to follow the love stories of totally silly teenagers? No. Here, it makes me want to bring out the top of the worst Stranger Things characters.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?


The series of the Wachowski sisters was captivating (after two or three rather long intro episodes), original (this thing of the connection between the characters, had to think about it) and super refreshing (we have rarely seen a program so well put in before LGBT values). When Netflix decided to end it, many of us were angry, but now we can admit it: 2 seasons and a final episode was more than enough for a series that was dripping with good feelings and who gave us an orgy over Wi-Fi every two episodes.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?


Aaaah, finally we can say bad things about Friends ! Of course, when the series with the 6 New York friends came out, it was probably the best of the genre, but when you see some cranks unashamedly declaring that it’s the best series we’ve ever seen, we feel a bit like choking. Everything has aged badly Friends, starting with the valves which are no longer funny. At some point, you have to agree to move on and discover new series instead of hiding your face forever. Sorry, I went a bit overboard, but when I say bad things about Friends at the editorial office, they lock me up in the cellar for a week, so for once I have the right, I let go.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

9. The Big Bang Theory

On the one hand we have the nerds who love it because they are happy to be talked about in a series, and on the other hand all the rest of France who find that Sheldon is the most annoying character ever. have ever seen. For the defense of the first, we will say that it is necessary to subdue a few episodes to definitively attach to all the characters of The Big Bang Theory. In defense of the rest of France, we will say that 12 seasons was a bit much for a show that stole everything from other shows of the same genre.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

10. Ten Percent

The French series on celebrity agents is well written, funny and often touching, and we understand why it is one of the biggest hits in our country. However, when you see certain situations that are far too caricatural and you begin to understand that going through Ten percent becomes a good way to get a little exposure for celebrities, we tell ourselves that the series does not deserve all this hype. It’s a good program, but certainly a bit overpriced.

Top 10 of the most overrated series, aren't we overdoing it?

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