Top 10 of the most mind-blowing things seen on CNews, the channel that will always surprise us

Ah CNews! This channel which, even without watching it daily, makes us want to shred our eardrums because of all the controversies and horrible debates that punctuate the editorial line. I am going to make a very shocking revelation to you: I am far from being the biggest spectator of CNews. Yet I always manage to be aware of their (many) outings, which proves that they rather go beyond the scope of the TV set. So here is a small non-exhaustive list of pure moments of freaking out at CNews. We are better off in front of cartoons, I tell you.

1. The debate over the war between angels and demons

No later than this Sunday, October 2, 2022, in the new format “In Quest for Spirit”, the journalist Aymeric Pourbaix presented the program “How to fight against evil with the weapons of faith? “. A program in which we can see people (and in particular a priest and an angel specialist) discuss the presence of “evil forces” in our society, witchcraft and possession, “which would push us to despair”. Hello Middle Ages, is the weather nice where you are? We, not terrible.

2. Journalists who rush at a black man leaving a police station thinking he’s the culprit when not at all

In 2020, CNews, like other outlets that day, wallowed in its filthy racism. While the journalists of the chain were waiting in front of the Nantes police station for the author of the fire in the city’s cathedral, they rushed to a black man who was coming out of the building, obviously taking him for the person arrested. While in fact, the guy was absolutely not there for that and therefore had nothing to do with this story of fire. Good journalistic work frankly, hats off.

3. The misery done to Claire Nouvian during a debate on global warming

Ecological activist and candidate for the Europeans, Claire Nouvian was a guest of Pascal Praud’s show “L’heure des pros” on CNews in May 2019. And frankly, she would have done better not to show up. Because instead of debating on the environmental disaster that will soon befall us, the guests took pleasure in going there on the climate-skeptical theses and putting the face in the face of the activist. She took a lot of insults (“You’re crazy”, “hysterical”) and was told that she had “a melon that no longer passes the doors of the studio”. An atmosphere that makes you want to be invited, say!

4. The guy who complained he couldn’t do the “black accent” anymore.

In 2021, the words of journalist Marc Menant, about the “cancel culture”, on the set of CNews, aroused strong reactions. He has indeed complained that we can no longer do the black accent. A “barely racist” television intervention, of course. Because yes, yes, you realize, it’s really funny to make fun of people from another culture by using good racist clichés! But what are we going to be able to do as a joke now huh???????

5. The guest who explains that we should send “undesirable” individuals to the overseas departments

In July 2022, the essayist Loup Viallet was invited to the set of the news channel to discuss crime in the Guillotière district in Lyon. And on this occasion, he made some very dirty remarks. He has indeed proposed that the perpetrators of delinquent acts be sent to the Overseas Territories, “that they be prevented from being on metropolitan territory, that they be sent to Mayotte or Guyana”. Yes, he has indeed mistaken these regions for the open-air prison of the metropolis.

6. Patrick Balkany who comes on the set of CNews to denounce the flexibility of justice in the suburbs

June 2020, Patrick Balkany has already been imprisoned for tax evasion, illegal interest taking and aggravated money laundering. He was finally released after only a few months because of his state of health. And the guy can’t think of anything better to do than come and strut around the CNews set to complain that justice is a little too lax in the suburbs. No, but… It’s the Roquefort that says to the camembert “You stink”.

7. Alain Finkielkraut who comes to vomit his sexism while talking about women’s football

In June 2019, on the occasion of the Women’s Football World Cup, the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut is invited to give his opinion on this sport. And how can I tell you that as the good reactionary boomer that he is, old Alain did not hesitate to say that equality between men and women is good, but that we have to “make differences”, that ” It is not like that [qu’il] wants to see women”, and that afterwards, he was going to be forced to “watch a women’s boxing match”. But don’t worry my dear Alain, I don’t think any of these sportswomen want to have a guy like you in their spectators.

8. The journalist who said that the Warsaw ghetto was created in 1940 to fight against typhus

In the midst of a debate on the management of Covid-19, in February 2022, journalist Ivan Rioufol made a nice shitty comparison. But very well shit huh. He indeed made a link between the non-vaccinated and the Warsaw ghetto, erected in 1940 to regroup Jews there before their genocide, saying: “The segregation of hygiene, we knew that under Nazism. When the Warsaw ghetto was created in 1940, it was (…) a place of contamination (…), it was a hygienist place, it was a place that was made to protect against typhus”. Not at all Holocaust deniers as about tsais. The journalist was also called to order by a formal notice from Arcom. And knock, well done!

9. Éric Zemmour who sees in environmental green a reference to Islam

Zemmour and Islam is a whole love story. He showed it in June 2020, during a debate on the Greens’ program, where he declared that the Greens were “assumed immigrationists” and that “the green of the Greens corresponds, coincidentally, to the green of Islam”. AS BY CHANCE! Yvan du Flambeau leaves this body.

10. All the debates with Zemour, in fact

Between the program “Face à la rue” where he asks a Muslim woman from Drancy to remove her veil, his accusations against unaccompanied minors whom he described as “thieves”, “rapists” and “delinquents” , his multiple sexist outings and his questions about Italian fascism and Nazism, which would be “left” movements… Zemmour did not miss one! We have also collected all its nuggets in the top of the galleys when you are the communication advisor for Zemmour, because the poor are still the ones who toast behind.