Top 10 of the most mind-blowing mansions in Paris

Mansions in Paris: We know that the rich are indecent and there are some things we would rather not know. When you walk around the capital, you can’t imagine the mind-blowing mansions that hide behind the heavy gates and in the private alleys. Some historic mansions have become public places, but others are simply the homes of stars and other billionaires. Ready to discover housing at 100 million euros?

1. Hôtel Lambert, the jewel of Île Saint-Louis

The Hôtel Lambert is one of the most famous mansions in the capital. Most of these breathtaking buildings have become museums or embassies, but this is not the case with the Hotel Lambert. It was Louis Le Vau, one of the creators of the “Louis XIV style”, who created this hotel in 1640 after having worked on the plans for the Palace of Versailles. The painter Charles Le Brun spent 5 years decorating the interior of the Hôtel Lambert; in particular, he created the “Galerie d’Hercule” which inspired him to then create the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. In 2022, the French billionaire Xavier Niel buys the Lambert hotel for 200 million euros and plans to set up a cultural foundation there.

Top 10 of the most mind-blowing mansions in paris
Mansions in paris

2. The Amelot de Gournay hotel, avant-garde architecture

The construction of this mansion began in 1710, but the architect sold it before the work was completed. The land has been sold and bought many times and many changes have been made. The architecture is quite avant-garde for the time, which is part of the fame of the place. The Hôtel Amelot de Gournay was attached to the private mansion located just next door and they now house the Maison de l’Amérique Latine and the Embassy of Paraguay.

3. Hôtel Salé, home of the Picasso Museum

The Hôtel Aubert de Fontenay is one of the greatest Parisian hotels of the 17th century. It was built in 1656 on land bought by the Lord of Fontenay. It is called “the Salty Hotel” because it was financed thanks to the tax on salt, the gabelle, which made the lord very rich. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to enjoy this magnificent private mansion for long: shortly after the end of construction, a lawsuit led to his ruin and the seizure of his property. The hotel then passed from hand to hand and had many functions before becoming the Picasso Museum in 1985.

4. The Hôtel de la Vrillière and its Golden Gallery

The Hôtel de Toulouse, also called Hôtel de La Vrillière, is a private mansion in the first arrondissement. After the Revolution, the hotel was seized and it was the Banque de France which decided to acquire it in 1808. The place is best known for its Golden Gallery which houses magnificent frescoes. Look at the face of this place…

5. The Hôtel de Matignon and the largest private garden in Paris

Everyone knows Matignon, it’s the home of the Prime Minister and his clique. Yet few people know what this huge mansion really looks like. Already, you should know that the hotel has a park of three hectares, which makes it the largest private park in Paris. The hotel also contains many treasures such as paintings by Fragonard and Gobelins tapestries.

6. The Bourrienne Hotel, home of Fortunée Hamelin

The construction of the Hôtel Bourrienne in the 10th arrondissement was completed in 1793, right when the Faubourg Poissonnière district was becoming urbanized. It was the woman of letters Fortunée Hamelin who lived there, decorated it and made it a high place for social gatherings. Fortunée Hamelin was a great friend of Empress Joséphine and became close to great figures of her time such as Bonaparte, Hugo and Chateaubriand. She was known to seduce everyone, as much for her intelligence as for her beauty, and it is possible that Napoleon hired her as a spy to keep abreast of all the secrets of the capital. The magnificent hotel where these friendships were created still exists today at 58 rue d’Hauteville, but now belongs to an entrepreneur.

7. 5 bis rue de Verneuil, Gainsbourg’s mansion

Since Gainsbourg’s death in 1991, nothing has changed in the artist’s house at 5 bis rue de Verneuil. This mansion in the 7th arrondissement where Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin lived with their children is now a museum. This place became iconic thanks to Gainsbourg’s interviews in his living room and became even more famous after his death.

8. Hidden treasure, the alliance of the old and the ultra modern

Strolling through the 16th arrondissement, you would not imagine that such luxurious accommodation exists behind the heavy gates. For 80 million euros (a pittance), it is possible to acquire the Trésor Caché mansion on Avenue Foch. Located in a private alley, we find this new building built behind a historic facade of the 19th century. Inside, there is 1,237 m² of space with 20 rooms, a special floor for guests, a 16-meter-long swimming pool, a disco and a wine cellar.

9. Villa Roxie, Lenny Kravitz’s mansion

In the 16th arrondissement, Lenny Kravitz owns a magnificent 1,500 m² mansion that he named Villa Roxie in homage to his mother. After two years of work and a lot of time spent choosing the decoration, the house is dazzling. You can find a large chandelier in Swarovski crystals, a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, notebooks scribbled by John Lennon and many other priceless treasures.

10. At 26 rue de Bourgogne, luxury as one dreams of it

If you dream of a refurbished mansion and you have a few tens of millions of dollars lying around, you’ll love 26 rue de Bourgogne. In the Solférino district, sumptuous mansions are not uncommon, but this one is truly mind-blowing. We are talking about an 846 m² apartment with 10 rooms and a 1000 m² garden. In the basement, there is an infinity pool, a sauna, a hammam and a fitness room; Of course.

These are the top 10 most mind-blowing mansions in Paris that will leave you speechless. From historic buildings that have been turned into public places, to private homes of stars and billionaires, these mansions are simply incredible. If you thought your home was impressive, wait until you see these!?

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