Top 10 of the most messed up career endings, the exit from the stage by breaking the face

Some people get to the top of their game and have literally won it all, until shortly before they retire a scandal breaks out or they simply struggle on the very bottom rung of success before plummeting all the way to the bottom. stairway to success. In the cinema, this process is called the “rise and fall”, and it happens completely in real real life, which we suggest you see right away through a few varied examples.

1. Harvey Weinstein

From one day to the next, he went from a man who made it rain and shine in Hollywood to a real pariah. After years of falsely hidden sex scandals in Hollywood (since a lot of people knew about it) the bubble burst and everyone got wind of the horrible files on Weinstein, which killed his career but also killed him. worth 23 years in jail.

2. Carlos Ghosn

Carlos Ghosn was CEO of Renault and chairman of the board of directors of Nissan, he did not hold a duck fishing stand at the village fair. But despite these positions of the utmost importance, he decided to divert all the money from his company and fuck the whole world off by being wanted in several countries and having to pay nearly 5 million euros in reimbursement. He is not ready to work again in a big box.

3. Kevin Spacey

While he was respected in Hollywood, was in high demand at the movies and also had his own series on Netflix, Kevin Spacey fell out of favor when numerous testimonies from victims accused him of sexual assault. The rest was quick since we released him from his series and the films in which he was to play and we are not ready to see him again in major projects, I can tell you.

4. Sean Connery

We’re talking about a cinema legend who still had good years of acting ahead of him, but that was before playing in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a film that destroyed his career and will forever remain his last. While that’s some nice shit, watch the trailer. Sad exit from the stage.

5. Zinedine Zidane

It’s hard to forget these images for those who saw them live during the 2006 World Cup final when Zinedine Zidane threw his head in that bastard Materazzi after he insulted him for several minutes . The last action of his career as a player was therefore to hit another player rather than a ball, but Zidane later returned as a coach and it was good to have him back.

6. Armie Hammer

Good-looking actor who played both in big productions and arthouse films including Call me by your name, Armie Hammer’s career, however, came to a complete halt when several fans testified accusing him of sending disturbing cannibalistic messages, in addition to a woman who accused him of kidnapping and raping her. He is suddenly completely expelled from Hollywood and is not likely to turn anytime soon.

7. Gerard Pique

Shortly after the story of infidelity with his wife Shakira broke in the press, footballer Pique was due to play his last game. Whistled for a rather scandalous fault during the latter, he would then have insulted the referee by saying “It’s a fucking shame, I shit on your fucking mother” which, quite logically, earned him a red card and an expulsion before the end of his last game. We have seen better as a reverence.

8. Pierre Menes

We saw him on all the sports sets yelling at everyone and even disguised as a cat in tv ads, and then nothing. Why ? Because Marie Portolano’s documentary “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist” showed edifying passages of him attacking several female journalists. Showing no remorse at first, his apologies rang false a few days later, and inevitably it was not very credible. Suddenly end of career for him too, and we will not necessarily miss it.

9. Diego Maradona

El Pibe de Oro had a penchant for white powder and that’s unfortunately the main reason why he had to end his career since we’re talking about coke and not the one that delimits a football field. Tested positive for cocaine in 1991, he was suspended for 15 months, then he tested positive for ephedrine just before the World Cup in the United States in 1994 and presto three years later it was the end of career without real fanfare.

10. Dieudonne

When you are one of the most gifted and beloved comedians of your generation, the fall can be complicated, and that’s what happened with Dieudonné a few years ago. After a sketch deemed anti-Semitic, the comedian continued to bury himself in an increasingly clumsy and hateful provocation until he was literally banned from performing in most French theaters.

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