Top 10 of the most famous swords in fiction, those that cut more than sausage

In fiction, we love big, shiny swords. We find as many in Harry Potter as in the Lord of the Rings, The Iron Throne without forgetting Dragon Ball Z. Swords are everywhere. But in this crowd of razor-sharp blades, there are a few swords that stand out. The kind of sword you don’t forget. These swords with which it would be tempting to go on vacation or even to marry and have children with (if you have other weird fantasies, you can find our top of the non-human characters who arouse the most our desire) .

1. Needle, the sword of Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)

Okay so let’s start at the beginning: Game of Thrones. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of swords in this series. We could also have named Ed Stark’s sword, Ice, but since it does not serve him long we did not consider it necessary to keep it. Same for Heart Eater by Joffrey Baratheon. The guy clearly doesn’t need his sword to fuck with us. And anyway, the question does not arise: with his sword, Arya stumbles-the-Knight-King-spoiler-attention-but-it’s-already-too-late-oops-sorry. So Aiguille, yeah she weighs a little.

Top 10 of the most famous swords in fiction those

2. Andúril, the sword of Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings)

And here again we are in a nest of swords. This one is reforged with the remnants of those ancestors’ swords (which is pretty stylish as a Christmas present). And then it’s still the sword with which Isildur was able to cut off the end of Sauron’s finger (the finger that wore the ring, it wasn’t free as a gesture either). So yes, there’s also Glamdring, Gandalf’s sword, or Stinger, Bilbo’s and then Frodo’s sword, but personally if I were a sword, I’d prefer my handle to be gripped by Aragorn’s grip.

3. Balizarde, the sword of Porthos (The Three Musketeers)

The character of Alexandre Dumas interpreted among others by Depardieu in The Man in the Iron Mask (one of the biggest interstellar dung that cinema has ever produced since Antiquity) would be nothing without its Balizarde. On the other hand, my extensive research until the 4th page of Google results did not allow me to know why it was called Balizarde.

4. The Dimension Sword, by Janemba (Dragon Ball Z)

As its name suggests (very practical this name), the sword of the Dimension has a very particular power, it allows to control… the dimensions. And that allows him to do a whole bunch of very useful stuff (especially during times of strike) like opening dimensional doors and generally transforming any environment he finds himself in.

5. Sword of Gryffindor (Harri Potter)

First of all, this sword was forged in the 10th century by the goblin king Ragnuk I. So have some respect. Not to mention that we are obviously talking about a very quality object, made of silver with rubies encrusted in it and all the fuss. In short, the kind of thing you can sell a bundle of dough on the Bon Coin. Another practical trick, she can suck up the venom and reuse it against enemies (this is also how the sword picks up the Basilisk’s venom, which allows her to kill Horcruxes).

6. The Master Sword, from Link (Zelda)

Well technically it has several names: Master Sword, the Purifying Blade, the Sword of Legend or even Excalibur (but that’s really for those who have zero imagination and who quote Excalibur every time they see a sword in the perimeter ).

Top 10 of the most famous swords in fiction those

7. Will Parry’s subtle dagger (At the Crossroads of the Worlds)

Well I admit I deviate a bit from the rule by talking to you here about a dagger rather than a sword. But given that at the moment we are all watching the His Dark Materials series on OCS and that, as a good student, I have no doubt that some of you are rereading Philip Pullman’s trilogy, you should have this fundamental weapon in mind in the ‘story. Forged by the scholars of the Tower of Angels, it is very useful when hiking or camping because not only can it cut through any matter in the universe (including a very hard sausage) but also open windows of one universe to another. Only boring thing, the owner of the knife necessarily loses 2 fingers to get it. On the other hand, it will cost him zero euros. Is it worth it.

8. All Adventure Time Swords

That’s how we don’t squirm on which one is best.

9. Muscle Man’s Sword

“By the power of the ancestral skull, I hold the almighty force! “. If that’s not the sword that’s going to get you a 15/20 on the next math test, I don’t know what you need.

10. The Anaklusmos, by Percy Jackson

In fact, we couldn’t care less about this sword, I just kept it because on first reading I read “Anuskalmos” and I’m really disappointed that it’s not that. Furthermore, I have major shortcomings with regard to the assembly of letters intended to understand a word. Do not judge me.

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