Top 10 of the most disappointing holiday destinations, we would have done better to stay at…

Traveling is great, but sometimes the disappointment can be overwhelming. And yes because when we leave, we generally get ideas about a whole bunch of stuff. In fact, it’s a bit like Star Wars. Each time we want to believe it, hoping that the new film will be at the level of The Empire Strikes Back and then finally not. We asked you what your biggest vacation destination disappointments are. Here is what we concluded…

1. Venice (Italy)

Venice, yet a super-popular city and one of the most visited in Italy, famous for its canals, is often cited as one of the most disappointing holiday destinations. Many turn out to be disappointed by the places clogged with tourists, the so-so museums, the dilapidated buildings, the tourist traps, the generally filthy water and the exorbitant prices. That’s a lot, it’s true. But with a good Instagram filter, it goes pretty well. The disappointed advise rather Verona or Rome.

2. Athens (Greece)

Cities like Athens, which usually encourage high expectations, sometimes cause big disappointments. Some thus regret the garbage cleverly deposited in the streets and the fact that apart from the Acropolis, there is nothing really substantial to see. And then even the Acropolis, frankly, what is it apart from an old pile of stones without interest?

3. Barcelona (Spain)

The problem with Barcelona is the world. There are people everywhere, all the time. Finally, especially around the Remblas. You can’t do anything without getting pushed around. You have to wait to find a good table and sometimes the tapas are cold and disgusting. The Gothic Quarter? It would probably be beautiful but with all this crowd, hard to enjoy. Even the people of Barcelona can’t take it anymore and have developed a real hatred of tourists over time.

4. Tunisia

Many of you cited Djerba and Tunisia as a whole among the most disappointing holiday destinations. You particularly highlight the food and the fact that apart from the spots to land and do nothing all day while burning in the sun, there is nothing to see and do. Tunisia looks nice though…

5. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

“An uninspiring succession of malls.” That pretty much sums it up. And then Dubai is also the capital of influencers, these slightly strange people who swarm on Instagram to try to make us believe that their life is better than ours. It’s true that we don’t really have the same problem in Cholet. And then it’s less hot in Cholet.

6. Cyprus

When you go to Cyprus, it’s to see beautiful sun-drenched beaches, turquoise water, historical monuments like those in Nicosia and archaeological sites like Limassol. But obviously, you have to ignore the rubbish, the disappointing beaches and, more surprisingly, the electric cables that hang everywhere. In any case, this is one of the reasons given…

7. Ibiza (Spain)

Why go get lost in Ibiza if it’s to listen to DJs when you can very well do it in a club in Paris or elsewhere? The sun ? Yes it is overrated. After of course, you can also choose to take the tangent and explore the island off the beaten track to really discover what it has to offer.

8. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

As one of the most visited cities in Europe, Amsterdam does not convince everyone. Especially those who don’t like bikes, tulips, canals or weed. What’s left? One wonders ? But at least here, obviously, the streets are not cluttered with garbage.

9. Bondi Beach in Sydney (Australia)

Australia is full of heavenly beaches, some of which are completely neglected by tourists. Why ? Because everyone wants to sunbathe on Bondi Beach, Australia’s most famous beach. It’s always the same problem basically: you show up on the spot with super enticing images in your head, you expect to enjoy a somewhat intimate, sunny and cushy place, and you find yourself in the middle of hundreds other tourists who want the same thing. So, again, it’s not really Bondi Beach that’s disappointing in itself, but it’s the people who have made Bondi Beach disappointing.

10. Paris (France)

We know the song: Parisians are rude, they hate tourists, some neighborhoods are disgusting, etc. The fact is that Paris today can no longer live up to its reputation and therefore the expectations of tourists. And no, it’s not Emily in Paris that fixes things, thank you very much.