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Yannick Noah may say “To the citizen trees”, he forgot to specify that he should not throw himself on any tree that comes along. Yes because some are as toxic as an ex so watch out my little apples. A good reason to raze all the trees on the planet. Fortunately, thanks to my doctorate in subequatorial vegetation, I will be able to warn you against nature’s tricks to lure us into its nets. So these are the trees to be wary of as false promotions during the sales. They won’t get us.

1. Le Mancenillier

Also called “tree of death”, this tree very present in Martinique is toxic everywhere, as well its bark as its fruits or its leaves. It’s very simple, the authorities recommend not to take shelter under it, regardless of whether it’s raining or whether it’s the only shaded area available, so as not to risk anything. You get the picture. A single contact can cause severe burns or even death. Not all of the tree’s toxins have even been identified yet. In short, the worst tree on the planet.

2. The azalea or rhododendron

The guy may have a bg name, it’s just a facade. Besides, he has two names, that too is suspicious. And we are right to be wary, because the flower honey of certain rhododendrons would cause intestinal and mental disorders such as hallucinations and diarrhea. Other types of rhododendrons can cause vomiting, various digestive disorders, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular disorders. Overall nice people.

3. Yew

Already, he tries to make us believe that he speaks English. Stop actually, not to us. Then, you should know that the yew is very toxic because its whole being contains alkaloids, deadly toxins. The only non-toxic part of the yew is the red pulp of the fruit around the seed, but the latter being also a real poison, I will not attempt a little tasting.

4. The false acacia locust

Another one that pretends to be what it is not… On the other hand, it is toxic, that’s for sure since it contains phasin, robin and robinin, lectins toxic for the man. If the flowers are edible (especially in honey or syrup), all the rest of the tree is toxic if ingested. So please don’t bite into the trunk.

5. Holly

This tree may breathe the spirit of Christmas, but rather it lives to make us suffer. Already, you have to see how its leaves sting, you have no idea of ​​physically attacking people with such violence after all. And then its foliage and its fruits contain alkaloids which, consumed in too large quantities, can cause vomiting, digestive disorders, neurological disorders, even death. Holly rescue lol.

6. Laburnum

Not to be confused with cystitis which is also a filth of nature, but of another kind. The laburnum, even if it looks very cute with its beautiful yellow flowers, hides very powerful toxins. Its fruits can be fatal if ingested. So no joke.

7. Oleander

Ah it’s a beautiful tree well instagrammable huh. Too bad we can no longer post it in story once dead because yes, sorry to break the mood, but this tree wants us badly. It indeed contains toxic substances such as oleandrine and the slightest absorption of leaves, flowers or fruits first causes digestive disorders, then cardiac dysfunctions until death. And death well is not so nice.

8. Castor bean

As much as the oil in the seeds is amazing for your hair and nails, the rest of the tree will only have negative effects on your body. The seeds and hulls of this shrub contain ricin, a formidable poison: the ingestion of three seeds for children and eight for adults is enough to be fatal. And it would be silly to die when you have such beautiful hair…

9. The gympie gympie

The Dendrocnide moroides, or gympie gympie, may have a comical name, but this little shrub is not joking at all. It is even the most virulent stinging plant of its kind. The slightest contact with a leaf or stem can cause burns that last for months or even years. The gympie gympie is also known to have driven a man to suicide. A beautiful piece of crap.

10. The Bomber Tree

Hura crepitans, also called “devil’s fart”, is used in isolated communities in America to make poison arrows. Its sap alone succeeds in temporarily paralyzing animals and the slightest ingestion of its seeds can cause tachycardia, blurred vision, mental confusion, convulsions and death. This tree is all the more attractive in that to disseminate its seeds, it will explode them on contact with water, thus propelling them up to twenty meters at a speed of up to 50 km/h. And watch its bark! Devilish, hence his nickname.

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