Top 10 of the most beautiful villages of Hérault, super Hérault

The Hérault, fortunately, is not limited to Montpellier and Pézenas, the city of Molière. No, the Hérault is also several quite extraordinary villages, monuments galore, generous nature and welcoming inhabitants. Welcome to one of the most beautiful departments in France. Yes, we say that every time but here we mean it. The other times too!

1. Saint-Guilhem le Desert

In the heart of the Hérault gorges, classified as a Grand Site de France but also listed among the most beautiful villages in France, Saint-Guilhem le Désert is one of the great stars of the region. Cliffs that make you dizzy, beautiful picturesque streets, sublime historic buildings, including the Abbey of Gellone and the Devil’s Bridge, listed by UNESCO… For hiking, sightseeing, learning or relaxing, Saint-Guilhem the Desert, which for information is not located in the desert at all, undoubtedly deserves the greatest attention.

2. Olargues

Perched villages, we love that! Corners like Olargues, which, from its rocky base, still has quite a class! A medieval village with an extremely rich heritage. We can for example mention the rock engravings, the chapels, the railway bridge… Olargues which, like Saint-Guilhem le Désert, is located on the way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

3. Minerva

A neck brace, you may need it after visiting this charming village of 121 inhabitants. Because here, wherever you look, beauty explodes in your eyes. Classified among the most beautiful villages in France, Minerve, which appears in the history books for having been the scene of the first pyre of the Albigensian Crusade, is also of course worthy of its location in the spectacular Brian gorges. In Minerve where the vestiges of the Middle Ages, such as the ramparts, the castle or the Saint-Étienne church, attract thousands of tourists every year. And it is quite legitimate!

4. Lodeve

The old Saint-Fulcran cathedral is an essential stopover when passing through Lodève, this large village in the Hérault which also has a remarkable Episcopal Palace. A city of arts, fascinating on many points, on a human scale.

5. Fraisse-sur-Agout

The Agout valley is still something! Especially at Fraisse, which is also the most flowery village in the department. A village nestled in nature, at the water’s edge, where life is good.

6. Roquebrun

Particularly interesting when you love nature and you especially love to walk it long, wide and across, Roquebrun fits perfectly into a most harmonious landscape. On the banks of the Orb, this village of just over 600 inhabitants is a delight for tourists during the summer months.

7. Gignac

Right between Lodève and Montpellier, Gignac has many points of interest such as the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce church, a pretty 18th century bridge and a belfry. Gignac is also popular for its legend in which it is about a donkey named Martin, who would have alerted the inhabitants of the arrival of the Saracens in the year 719.

8. Montbazin

Located in the region of Sète, which is already remarkable for very many reasons, Montbazin shines thanks to the Saint-Pierre church, a Romanesque chapel dating from the 11th century. There are also several relics from the Gallo-Roman era. The colonnades of the castle of the lord of Lavergne are also worth the detour.

9. Balaruc les Bains

Renowned for its thermal baths, which attract thousands of people every year, Balaruc-les-Bains is one of the most beautiful villages on the Etang de Thau. The kind where it is good to stroll on market days, or simply in the alleys, through the stalls, in pursuit of the appetizing aromas that escape from the restaurants. You can also see an ancient Mediterranean garden, a Gallo-Roman aqueduct and a 12th century chapel. It’s nothing!

10. Saint-Pons-de-Thomieres

The Saint-Pons cathedral and its neo-classical facade is worth the detour. City Hall as well. And let’s not forget this surrounding nature so benevolent. Saint-Pons which deserves to be lingered over when, for example, you go to the shores of the Mediterranean. If only to enjoy its relaxing atmosphere.

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