Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Sweden, it’s not hot hot but it’s beautiful

Oh Sweden! Its landscapes, its climate, its Abbas, its friendly inhabitants, its thrillers and its Vikings, its gastronomy… However, after reading this top, the Swedish villages will become the main reason why you will want to take a round trip for the Sweden. Even a one-way ticket. A top to read while listening to Suede, the group (which is not Swedish but British)…

1. Rangelstad

We begin our tour of Swedish villages with Gammelstad, which is listed by UNESCO. Often cited as the best preserved church town in the whole country, with its 424 pretty wooden houses grouped around the 15th century church, Gammelstad is a great stopover when venturing into this sparsely populated region.

2. Smogen

A small fishing village located in the southwest of Sweden. A fairly popular seaside resort that shines with a thousand lights during the summer season, thanks in particular to its colorful wooden houses that line the shore. You can taste all kinds of tasty specialties based on fish but also hike in the surrounding forest. A certain idea of ​​heavenly Sweden…

3. Trosa

Superb village located on the banks of the Trosa, the local river which gave it its name, Trosa presents a mix of the most interesting between several influences. Architectural in particular. And then with a bit of luck, you may come across Benny Andersson from the Abba group.

4. Simrishamn

The presence of mysterious rune stones gives this coastal village a certain aura that is particularly attractive when one seeks to get to know Sweden a little deep. When you love nature, it is also the ideal place as the possibilities for walks are numerous.

5. Mariefred

Not far from Stockholm is Mariefred. A haven of peace on the shores of Lake Mälar, with a beautiful 15th century church and an 18th century town hall. Not to mention the royal fortress, which has long been transformed into a museum but is still available to the monarch if he wishes to come and rest in the region.


The origins of this village date back to -4000 BC. The remains are numerous. Not all of them as old, but anyway, this village is a visit of choice when you are interested in the history of Sweden. Not to be confused with Albi, which is nevertheless also worth a look if you pass through the Tarn.

7. Kiruna

Right in Lapland, this beautiful city is very close to the Arctic Circle. Surrounded by mountains, it stems from the exploitation of iron, which is still one of its strengths today.

8. Vadstena

Popular for its waterfront castle, Vadstena is located on the left bank of Lake Vättern in the south of the country. There is also a palace dating from 1250 which is also the oldest built in brick in the world (apart from religious buildings). You can visit a superb wooden church in the neo-Gothic style but above all stay in the first ice hotel in the world. Not bad for pioncer after admiring the aurora borealis.

9. Marstrand

With its foundations dating back to the Middle Ages, Marstrand serves as an essential tourist stopover. Spread over two islands (not common), this village of just over 1,300 souls regularly welcomes crowned heads and celebrities. It is to say if it is nice!

10. Nora

One of the richest towns when it comes to wooden houses. Suddenly, we have a little the impression that nothing has changed since the old days. Its proximity to Stockholm makes it a privileged destination. Tourists who do not fail to stroll through the cobbled streets to discover all the treasures hidden there.

Remember to take a little wool, it is rather chilly in these regions…

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