Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia, what if we danced the last Slovenia tonight?

Dobrodosli (means welcome in Slovenian). Jewel of Central Europe, Slovenia is “caught” between Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. A crossroads of influences, a country with a very rich history and generous nature, both appreciated by lovers of hiking, old stones and parties, thanks to the seaside resorts of the Adriatic Sea, this country also deserves to be explored. in depth. Understand by this that it is absolutely necessary to visit the many small villages spread all over the place from east to west and from north to south. Towns like these…


We start very strong with this bled (lol) of the Julian Alps, located very close to the lake of the same name where the only island of Slovenia is also located. Not really ideal for withdrawing from the modern world because it is really very touristy, Bled also highlights serious assets, apart from its lake, such as the 11th century castle, its spa resort and the sublime surrounding nature. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of water sports, ballads or history because here, there is everything.

2. Piran

A big village (or a small town it depends) on the edge of the Adriatic Sea. Here, both Slovenian and Italian are spoken. A medieval stronghold, Piran is one of the country’s great seaside resorts. So yes, there are people, but the landscape, the atmosphere and the alleys and the historic buildings are well worth putting up with the crowds.

3. Bovec

A typical mountain village, Bovec rests in an absolutely sublime natural setting. Strolling through the streets, between the beautiful houses, under the benevolent supervision of the mountains, is an experience in itself. Also marked by a rich history, this small town is also a perfect gateway to the Triglav National Park.

4. Brda

The name may sound like an onomatopoeia, but the village looks like a dream. A vineyard, mountains, beautiful red tiled roofs, green hills, two castles, poetry and of course good wine (yeah, the vines aren’t just there for decoration)… Brda is the foot.

5. Kojsko

Here too there are vines. They surround this village known for its church and its beautiful bell tower. It’s very small, green and the view of the region is magnificent. What more ?

6. Cadrg

Above the town of Tolmin, in the Julian Alps, Cadrg is a superb hamlet renowned for its tourist farms where it is possible to stock up on local produce. Taste a little cheese, you will tell us about it!

7. Ptuj

Well, OK, Ptuj is not strictly speaking a village. But it’s not a megalopolis either. And its beauty is well worth breaking the rules a bit. A museum town whose origins date back to the Stone Age, with a magnificent castle, buildings that are also superb to say the least and… wine!

8. The old town of Skofja Loka

Listed since 1987, the historic center of Skofja Loka is (justifiably) considered one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. A real journey back in time awaits you here, as the surroundings take care of wrapping everything in idyllic green.

9. Crngrob

It’s kind of the place to be when you’ve had enough of the crowds. Only 33 inhabitants live here year-round, in the Skofja Loka region. Nevertheless, this village also receives its share of tourists, who come to admire the fresco by Master Bolfang, made on the facade of the church in 1460.

10. Izola

Nothing to do with Isola 2000. Municipality located on the Adriatic coast, Izola, like Piran, is totally bilingual (compared to the fact that before, it was a Roman city). A rather peaceful fishing village, for the moment relatively untouched by mass tourism. Known for the terrible plague epidemic that ravaged its population in 1500, Izola has now regained its tranquility and serves as an essential stopover on the Slovenian coast.

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