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Sicily is a bit like Corsica: it is a pure concentrate of beauty! It’s hard to get bored when you have the chance to go around it, through villages each more superb than the next, magnificent beaches and other monuments telling the fascinating story of Italy. Not easy to retain only 10 Sicilian villages. But despite everything, listening only to our courage, we succeeded!

1. Castelmola

Located at the northeastern tip of Sicily, Castelmola sits on a rocky outcrop above the waves of the Ionian Sea. A wonder ! There are ruins, beautiful buildings and almond wine. What more ?

2. Sperlinga

Basically, Sperlinga was more or less a castle. Then the city (or rather the village) developed all around. Classified among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Sperlinga is renowned for its troglodyte houses, for its caves and for its very atypical character. Less than 1,000 people live there year-round, so of course it’s quiet.


When you visit Sicily, you must visit Agrigento, an unmissable historic city. Well next door to Agrigento is Naro, a smaller but equally remarkable village. Close to Greek temples and fabulous beaches, Naro is the scene of the pilgrimage dedicated to San Calogero. Here, lovers of old stones no longer know where to turn.

4. Savoca

We love Savoca because it’s beautiful, but also because it’s where Francis Ford Coppola shot the scenes of The Godfather, when Michael Corleone goes green after being talked about a bit too much in New York. If you’ve seen the movie, and you must have seen it, you know why you shouldn’t miss Savoca.

5. Montalbano Elicona

Also classified, this very photogenic little town gave its name to Commissioner Montalbano, a local star whose adventures are broadcast here on France 3. That said, you don’t need to know the character to appreciate the castle and the basilica that the can be admired as you stroll through this exceptional place.

6. Geraci Siculo

We love perched villages! This one being a good example. Because here, not only can we take in the view in the alleys, with the superb little churches and the remains of the castle, but also by admiring the panorama that the privileged position of Geraci Siculo offers us from the cliff on which it is hooked.

7. Cefalu

It is paradise. In Sicily, Cefalù is known as the white wolf. Here, we take advantage of the climate with our feet in the water. Time stood still a long time ago on this side of Palermo. The superb cathedral, with its Byzantine mosaics and twin towers, the archaeological museum, the beaches… Not going there would be a big mistake.

8. Realmonte

Very close to Agrigento, this town of less than 5,000 inhabitants is visited each year by thousands of tourists. Why ? Because this is where you can admire the Scala dei Turchi, a spectacular limestone cliff. The cool thing is that you can see it while bathing on very welcoming beaches.

9. Taormina

Facing Mount Etna, this small town in the province of Messina has a Greco-Roman theatre, one of the largest in the world. Also not to be missed are the odeon, the Naumachia, the Roman baths, and of course the medieval centre. Plan a maximum of space on the memory cards for the photos!

10. Aragona

We end with this town in the province of Agrigento, founded in 1604. Come and visit the Palazzo Principe and the Madrice church, with its famous organ and its remains from the Saracen era. As often in Italy, the story is told with grandiloquence!

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