Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Pays de la Loire

The Pays de la Loire has a relatively staggering concentration of exceptional sites. There are a lot of villages in the region, whether they are fortified or not, with their feet in the water or in the dry. Places that sometimes seem like something out of a fairy tale, where the history of France was partly written…

1. Sainte-Suzanne (Mayenne)

A superb medieval city perched on a hill, on the right bank of the Erve. A perfect view, old stones… What more could you ask for? The oldest monument in Mayenne? Ah yes it is there, it is the Erves dolmen! In Sainte-Suzanne, where the castle can be proud of having been the only one to resist William the Conqueror. And it’s not for nothing that the village is nicknamed “the pearl of Maine”.

2. Asnieres-sur-Vègre (Sarthe)

406 souls share this charming village straddling the Vègre, rich in many remarkable monuments such as the Saint-Hilaire church, the Manoir de la Cour and of course the famous little bridge which spans the river.

3. Montsoreau (Maine-et-Loire)

Famous for its 15th century castle, this village is officially classified as one of the beautiful villages in France. On the banks of the Loire, Montsoreau sparkles all year round. Alexandre Dumas, one of his greatest admirers, is far from the only one to have succumbed to it. And if not, did you know that you can rent castles to have a party? I didn’t know.

4. Vouvant (Vendee)

In Vendée, there are plenty of opportunities to take out your camera. Vouvant being only one example among others of the manifest beauty of this department. Vouvant which is also the only fortified town in Vendée. Also classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France, Vouvant is known for its Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption church which tells part of the history of the region.

5. Piriac-sur-Mer (Loire-Atlantique)

This village on the Atlantic coast counts among its fans Alphonse Daudet, Émile Zola, Gustave Flaubert and Chopin. You just have to go there, or even look at photos of the place to understand them. More than a village, Piriac-sur-Mer is a poem. An invitation to relax, feet in the water.

6. Behuard (Maine-et-Loire)

Classified by UNESCO with the Loire Valley, Béhuard is one of the small towns of character. A village with the particularity of being located on the island of the Loire, 16 terminals from Angers. Enough to give it a sacred character reinforced by the charm of its alleys and the architecture of its buildings, such as the church or the Calvary.

7. Le Croisic (Loire-Atlantique)

With just over 4000 inhabitants, Le Croisic is one of the most famous villages in the region. And the most beautiful too. Inevitably, otherwise he would not be in this top. The Pen Castel manor, the Kervaudu manor, the Long Stone or the Tréhic lighthouse are among its many assets.

8. Lassay-les-Chateaux (Mayenne)

Return to Mayenne with Lassay and its three castles. Just that ! Well preserved, what’s more, the castles! More than enough to spend a weekend, in the countryside, in the cool in the middle of these remarkable old stones.

9. Saulges (Mayenne)

We are in Mayenne, aren’t we? Let’s stay there a bit, to visit Saulges. Built near a very famous prehistoric site, this village of character also puts on a show outside its caves, on the surface, in all modesty.

10. Montmirail (Sarthe)

We end in the Sarthe, on the place which once saw the meeting between the King of France, that of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Château de Montmirail. The village, in which you can see beautiful houses from the 15th and 18th centuries, is also well worth a visit.

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