Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Ireland, those which deserve a Nobel Prize for beauty

Like Scotland, Ireland is not a country of big cities. It is a land that is still wild, untamed and fascinating, which reveals itself through marvelous landscapes and typical small towns in which traces of the past remain. Places that tell a story worth immersing yourself in, from monument to monument, a pint of Guinness at your fingertips…

1. Dingle

On the west coast of Ireland, feet bathed in the Atlantic Ocean, Dingle and its beautiful cliffs have been the delight of tourists for a long time. Its restaurants and pubs also participate in the magic that reigns there. A magic with the aftertaste of Guinness, also visible in the superb colored houses. It is also here, offshore, that Fungie, a dolphin who has become famous for accompanying boats on their outings, lives. He even got his statue in town.


What do you think the perfect small town in Ireland looks like? Probably in Kinsale! An authentic postcard village, with houses of all colors, a magnificent coast, an emblematic monument (Charles Fort)… People also come here to visit the art galleries and take part in the cultural events that take place there.

3. Leave

It was when John Ford chose to shoot his film The Quiet Man (with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne) in Cong that electricity was finally installed there (a statue bears witness to this). We are in 1952. An event which probably contributed to placing this village of less than 800 souls on many tourist routes. If you go there, say hi to the King of Cong. You know, the famous King Cong? Lol.

4. Kenmare

When you’re fed up, there’s Kenmare! A village in County Kerry popular for its pubs and food, as well as the outdoor activities it offers in its surroundings.

5. Allies

It is at the very end of the Beara peninsula, almost 400 miles from Dublin, that this quiet little village is located, also known in particular for its colorful facades and for the landscapes it offers. Like these sublime arches dug on the coast. You can also visit an abandoned copper mine. Typical!

6. Baltimore

This small village of course has nothing to do with the city of the same name in the United States. This former pirate base, once totally depopulated and today popular for its outdoor activities and for the sunken wrecks hidden in the bay.

7. Sneem

Still in County Kerry, Sneem notably entered history when De Gaulle went there after the referendum of April 27, 1969. Otherwise, one can quite settle here to visit the Ring of Kerry and so treat yourself to a super photogenic trip, in the sublime Irish countryside, not far from the tumultuous waters of the ocean.

8. Adare

2500 inhabitants enjoy all that this village has to offer all year round. A castle in particular, but also two abbeys and a priory. Often cited as one of the most beautiful villages in Ireland, Adare bears witness to a bygone era thanks to its beautiful state of conservation.


Welcome to Connemara! In Roundstone where many artists come to seek tranquility and inspiration. Because it is true that the landscapes, with which the old stones agree marvelously, have plenty to provide material for magnificent paintings and other passionate poems.

10. Dunmore East

We end with this village of just over 1,500 inhabitants located on the east coast of the country. A popular spot for its unique lighthouse and remnants of the past, which tell tales of Vikings. This is also where you can attend the annual Guinness International Bluegrass Festival. A mecca for music and beer!

Irish villages, unlike Guinness, are to be consumed without moderation.

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