Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Denmark, get out the mittens

Elected the happiest country for several years, Denmark has, it is true, some serious assets allowing it to impose itself without difficulty on the international tourist scene. With super famous places like Copenhagen necessarily, but not only! Because in Denmark, we also have superb more or less lost corners where it is good to linger to smell the perfume of the flowers and that of the fish that we smoke everywhere.

1. Ribe

This small southern town was once one of the most important ports on the North Sea. But that was before. Today, if it has lost its importance, from a strictly commercial point of view, Ribe has on the other hand become essential from a tourist point of view. With its cathedral, its beautiful fishermen’s houses, its medieval atmosphere and its picturesque alleys, Ribe cuts an excellent figure.

2. Aeroskøbing

The fact that Ærøskøbing has been dubbed, “Denmark’s fairy tale town” should be enough to explain how magnificent it turns out. We will particularly appreciate the huts on the beach, the square and the cobbled streets or the farmers’ market. Here, life flows quietly in an idyllic setting.

3. Maribo

In Maribo everything is beautiful. From the shores of Lake Søndersø to Maribosøerne Park, passing through 15th century buildings, this small town does not do things by halves.

4. Skagen

Emblematic seaside resort, northernmost city of Jutlad cherished by artists and tourists, Skagen rightly likes to highlight its port and its beaches. Without forgetting the brewery, also very well known, and the many activities that can be practiced on site or in the region. The perfect place to spend a quiet holiday. And we eat well!

5. Christiansfield

Founded by a guy named Christian, this village is only home to Christians… No, in fact it’s more complicated than that, even if the village was indeed founded at the express request of a Christian, in this case, the King Christian VII. A very beautiful village, which proposes to offer you a trip back in time of the most sumptuous given its status as the best preserved Moravian town (inherent in the Moravian church) in the world.

6. Svanek

We remain on the side of the fishermen, with this village of barely 1000 inhabitants, whose origins date back to before the 12th century. We are here on the island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, not far from Sweden.

7. Marriage

The city of roses, whose origins date back to the 15th century, also has a lot to offer. A pretty rural town, developed by fishermen, from which you can visit the surrounding fjords. All while eating fish smoked on site.

8. Ebeltoft

The half-timbered houses and the winding alleys through which you pass to discover this perfect little town, respond with their beauty to the grandiloquence of the Jylland, a famous frigate known to have taken part in the Battle of Heligoland in 1864. In Ebeltof where we come also from afar to listen to music. Because here, culture is everywhere!

9. Hornbaek

Another famous seaside resort. One of the hotspots of the Danish Riviera. White sand, dunes, fishermen’s houses, sublime nature, highly recommendable little restaurants… Do we add more or is it good?

10. Faborg

A charming little town located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The perfect site to treat yourself to a retreat in the hills to the sound of the sea spray. The kind of corner that doesn’t need to be crowded to make itself indispensable.

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