Top 10 of the most beautiful villages in Croatia, for a successful stay

If you come to Croatia, it’s to enjoy its extraordinary coast, with its beaches and reefs. For its sun and its cuisine too. Marked by the violence of conflicts, old or more recent, Croatia has been able to recover and establish itself as a major tourist destination. For all the reasons mentioned but also for its small villages. Places where life is good, and whose multiple influences, Roman, French, Ottoman or Venetian, can be read at the bends of the streets and the so photogenic households…

1. Pucisca

When you come to Croatia for the sun and the beaches, chances are you will land in Pucisca. With its atmosphere reminiscent of Italy, its coves, its charming alleys, its calm and its inhabitants who have made hospitality one of their specialties, this village is a must-see.

2. Primosten

We are mainly talking here about the old town, which remains on its island, connected to the mainland by an artificial embankment. A wonder that can only be visited during the hot season. A village advancing impetuously in the waves, with the false air of a heavenly enclave.

3. Korcula

Main village of the island of the same name, Korcula is on the verge of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here again, the old fortified town is to be preferred. To attend shows in the open-air theatre, to stroll through the streets and listen to the tales whispered by the stones of the pretty houses heated by the sun.

4. Rastoke

We are in the middle of a fairy tale. Small houses, greenery, waterfalls, thatched-roof mills and charming bridges that span rivers and under which trolls may be waiting. In Rastoke, the imagination runs wild, stories of knights, dragons and magicians come to life. But the more down-to-earth can also take the opportunity to go kayaking or hiking.

5. Motovun

We can see this village perched on its hill, from afar. Pending to be on the UNESCO list, Motovun has all the qualities required. Fortified by the Venetians, the city now hosts artists and craftsmen who contribute, with their stalls, to attracting many tourists from all over the world.

6. Moscenicka Draga

At the last census, this seaside village had less than 500 souls. With its castle, its view of the surrounding islands and the waves, its typical alleys, this medieval town truly has everything it takes to establish itself as the perfect place for a quiet holiday… and in the sun!

7. Skradin

Gateway to the Krka National Park, Skradin benefits from a position that is both original and partly responsible for the attraction it exerts. At the edge of a river, the Krka, between two lakes, this village offers attractive prospects for swimming, visits and cruises.

8. Kumrovec

Not far from Zagreb, Kumrovec, with its remarkably preserved houses, serves as an open-air museum. Part of the history of Croatia and the region is told along the alleys, while the municipality continues its renovation plan to this day.

9. Cavtat

Not very far from Dubrovnik, this village of just over 2000 inhabitants shines thanks to its Renaissance-style monuments but also thanks to its geographical position allowing it to satisfy all the appetites of its visitors. The beaches there are magnificent, the food fantastic and history buffs will have plenty to do as that of the village is hectic and therefore a pretext for exciting visits.

10. Groznjan

We end in Istria with this village which has more Italians than Croats. A tourist enclave dedicated to crafts (painting more precisely) and music. Artists who together have managed to restore Groznjan to its former glory.

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