Top 10 of the most beautiful treks in the world

Initially, the word “trek” was used in Dutch to designate “migrants” and in particular the pioneers who left to settle in South Africa. Since then, these migrants have become walkers, curious to discover new places for a few days, in long or short strides, before returning to their starting point. If you too want to stretch your legs, here are the 10 most beautiful treks where you and your backpack can go.

1. The GR20 in Corsica

This long-distance footpath which crosses the island of beauty from Calenzana to Conca has the reputation of being one of the strongest in Europe. Incidentally, it offers some of the most varied panoramas in the world. Between lakes, cirques, rocky peaks with a view of the sea in the distance, there are 200km and 11,000m of elevation gain, which await the big boots of trekkers. The GR20 is thus covered in a fortnight with 7 hours of daily trek, even if it is also possible to do only part of it, depending on the time available and above all on our physical condition.

2. Sarek National Park in Sweden

This trek is as extreme as it is spectacular. On site, zero infrastructure. Just you and nature, in “Into the Wild” mode. Lapland for you all to yourself, if we put aside the local fauna which will watch you go by like a slightly clueless weirdo. If the welcome is not great, the landscapes are exceptional between torrents, vertiginous peaks and glacial valleys. An ideal trek to unplug your brain for ten days, before a return to civilization which could prove to be brutal.

3. The Inca Trail in Peru

It is in the footsteps of the Cities of Gold and Machu Picchu that this 43 km long hiking trail leads experienced trekkers. During the 5 days of climbing, the Inca Trail traces its route through the subtropical jungle, crossing passes at over 4000m with the promise of a few stops on the remains of well-hidden Inca cities. It is better to book several months in advance in order to avoid the traffic jams of hikers (limited to 500 at the same time) simultaneously on the track.

4. The Zions Narrows in the United States

“The Narrows of Zion” allow you to cut your way through the rock through the deep canyons carved by the Virgin River. It is therefore with their feet in the water and their eyes raised on the red rock that borders the hiking path, that trekkers and families on a walk meet along the 26 km that are covered on a good day.

5. The Caminito del Rey in Spain

Long nicknamed “the most dangerous path in the world”, this “King’s Way” has had a makeover in recent years and has since offered a vertiginous trek between the Andalusian town of Ardales until the arrival in the town of Alora. 100m above the void, with your feet on a secure footbridge, or on a path on the side of a cliff, you cover the 7.7 kilometers between gorges, high perched canyons and gorges carved into the rock. Allow about 4 hours for the walk.

6. The Tour of the 3 Circuses in Reunion

Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos are the 3 natural cirques dug in the center of the Piton des Neiges, the island’s famous extinct volcano that the GRR1 runs through. A great hiking trail that plays the roller coaster in the middle of grandiose landscapes sculpted by the vagaries of time over millions of years. The trek takes place over about 6 days even if it is possible to personalize your “ride”.

7. The Cinque Terre in Italy

Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, these picturesque villages are so many little paradises that we discover between coves, vineyards and steep cliffs. Jewels accessible on foot, along paths that run along the coast without ever losing sight of the Mediterranean, the promise of a well-deserved late swim. Because walking is good, floating isn’t bad either, especially after a day of trekking.

8. Torres del Paine in Chile

Torres del Paine National Park is a famous playground for seasoned trekkers. Some will opt for the circuit with a return to their starting point (allow 8 days), while others will embark on the Trek W according to the shape of its route above the Patagonian steppe. In both cases, the effort in the middle of the spectacular granite formations is worth the detour (80 terminals all the same), provided you are not agoraphobic, the area being particularly busy in the high season from the end of October to March.

9. The Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland

Longest hiking trail in the United Kingdom with 320 km, the Cape Wrath crosses the wildest regions of Scotland and more particularly of the Highlands. Green valleys, marshes and mountainous passages follow one another under the feet of walkers launched on this trail which requires 3 good weeks to overcome. Also bring a good raincoat and a windbreaker worthy of the name to survive the often capricious weather.

10. The Zillertal Panoramic Route in Austria

The Zillertal Panoramic Route culminates at 2000 m above sea level and offers breathtaking views of all the Zillertal and Inntal valleys. Big advantage of this trek: it can be considered in short stretches that can be reached by car by road from certain villages. An easy trek where you can even spend the night in a warm hotel or campsite.

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