Top 10 of the most beautiful streets in Toulouse, To win or to lose

Do you want to know why Toulouse is called the Pink City? So come and try some brickwork in the magnificent and picturesque streets of the city and you will understand! Around the Place du Capitole, in the shady alleys, which in summer provide a pleasant coolness, at the bends of the main arteries, where the sun only penetrates a few hours a day, on the cobblestones and over the remarkable buildings, Toulouse has some truly sublime streets.

1. Rue Croix-Baragnon

In the heart of the historic district, this street is full of wonders. We can mention the Hôtel de Ciron-Fumel or the Hôtel de Castellane but basically, if many of the buildings are indeed remarkable, it is their assembly that makes this street one of the most beautiful in the city. pink city. The rue Croix-Baragnon which leads to the very recommendable place Saint-Étienne.

2. Arts Street

We stay in the same neighborhood with this street with many faces. A plot has thus not been impacted at all by the passage of time and gives the impression of suddenly finding itself in the middle of the Middle Ages. But the more modern section, which runs alongside the Musée des Augustins (also worth a visit, of course), is also worth a detour. Here is one that lives up to its name!

3. Pargaminières Street

This busy street connects the Capitole to the famous Place Saint-Pierre, where there are mythical bars like Chez Tonton and the Bar Basque. Once a little grubby and not particularly recommendable, it has undergone an ambitious renovation and can now shine as it should. Notably thanks to the many exceptional buildings that line it.

4. St. Rome Street

Yes, rue Saint-Rome is magnificent. That said, it is better to choose a weekday, if possible out of summer season, to discover it. Otherwise, the continuous stream of passers-by risks discouraging more than one. Known for its many shops, this street also hides its share of remarkable points. Already present during Antiquity, it is logically one of the oldest in the city. The house on the ground floor of which the Celio store is located is magnificent and the Tower of Seta bears witness to the grandeur of this artery, perhaps famous for the wrong reasons.

5. Rue Saint-Antoine du T

It connects Place Wilson and the beautiful Place Saint-Georges. Rather famous for its luxury apartments, it is a must in the heart of the historic city. The chapel of the Commandery of Saint-Antoine de Tau and several 19th century buildings contribute to making it grandiose in more ways than one.

6. Foundry Street

The cannon foundry installed at the time of the Revolution no longer exists for a long time but it gave its name to this superb street. The foundry building is nevertheless still visible and now houses the Catholic Institute of Toulouse. Just like the old chapel of the monastery of Sainte-Claire du Salin. Pay close attention to the details, because here, over the entrances to the buildings and the ornaments, there are a lot of them.

7. Rue Peyrolières

The peyroliers were cauldron makers. Still present here during the first half of the 20th century, they inscribed their name in the history of the city. Very pleasant for a summer walk, this street is also full of exceptional buildings. We can mention the hotel of Olmières, the hotel of Ysalguier or the hotel of Lagorée. All the essence of Toulouse is there.

8. Genty-Magre Street

Easy to pass by this tiny street of barely 50 meters. Emerging on the rue d’Alsace-Lorraine (we will come back to this), it is not one of the most spectacular but should be on any good historical route. The kind where it is good to stroll in the shade of old stones.

9. Alsace-Lorraine Street

One of the stars of the pink city. This is the main trading route. The one we have to go through. But this street is worth much more than just being called a shopping street. Some buildings bear witness to its grandeur and tell the story of the city. One thinks for example of the Dépêche du Midi building or the Ciron-Fumel hotel.

10. Rue Peyras

In the extension of the rue Genty-Magre, this street also very popular with tourists, is home to many shops and bars. It leads to rue Saint-Rome. So yes, sometimes she’s a little engorged too, but that’s because she’s worth it.

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