Top 10 of the most beautiful streets in Marseille, the most beautiful city in the world

Second largest city in France, Marseille is one of the pearls of the south. Strolling through its many picturesque streets is enough to realize the beauty and generosity of this city. Streets that offer a permanent spectacle, between incredible pieces of architecture, charming stalls and other breathtaking panoramas. To help you sort it out, we have selected our favorite streets for you… In addition, in terms of activities, there really is plenty to do in Marseille

1. La Canebiere

Its name has always been associated with that of the city. An artery where you have to pass by taking the time to admire the buildings with their often impressive architecture, while enjoying the atmosphere.

2. The rue du Panier

This beautiful narrow street connects the thirteen cantons to the rue des Belles Écuelles. Located in the Panier district, it is always very lively and popular. Its effervescence being its first wealth. Ideal for strolling when the weather is nice (and the weather is always nice in Marseille) and enjoying the little shops, with an ice cream cone in hand.

3. The Quai de Rive Neuve

The Old Port of Marseille is of course totally unmissable. To visit the city without passing through is the most total heresy. Strolling along the quay of Rive Neuve is an experience in itself. It’s beautiful, authentic and it’s also where you can find the Bar de la Marine. Forever attached to Marcel Pagnol, this establishment also hosted the filming of Love Actually. This is where Jamie declares his love for Aurelia. Restaurant for the occasion transformed into a Portuguese restaurant.

4. Rue Saint-Ferréol

This is usually where you go when you want to go shopping in Marseille. There are therefore a lot of shops but, and that does not spoil anything, quite the contrary, this pedestrian artery is also magnificent.

5. Prado Avenue

Another super popular street in Marseille. On the one hand because it allows you to reach Prado beach but also because you can find all kinds of shops there as well as a charming market. Above all, it has a few remarkable buildings, such as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart or the Armenian Apostolic Church. The Gaumont cinema also allows you to admire one of the rare art nouveau buildings in the city.

6. Rome Street

In the extension of the avenue du Prado (unless it is the opposite), it crosses the 1st and 6th arrondissements of Marseille. A street that does not lead to Rome but to Piazza Castellene. The Bouches-du-Rhône prefecture hall, sculptor Pierre Puget’s cutaway house and the peace monument are all reasons to stop and take your camera for a breath of fresh air.

7. Paradise Street

Sometimes taxed as a “bobo” because of the shops that can be found there, this famous street is the second longest in the city. In addition to its stores, it also has several exceptional buildings. The Saint-Joseph church for example or the private mansions of the Gasquy family at numbers 292 and 294.

8. Tower Street

The old Port ! Impossible not to really dwell on it. By taking a walk in the rue de la Tour, for example, to enjoy its atmosphere and its shops. A street resolutely apart.

9. Boulevard Paul Peytral

Another particularly busy street. Especially in summer, when tourists mingle with locals and café terraces fill up. The perfect place to meet, shop and enjoy the city’s hospitality.

10. Le Cours Julien

Come on, let’s cheat a little with not just one street but several. Because the Cour Julien is something. Especially the alleys that connect it to Place Jean-Jaurès. The ideal place to admire lots of superb works of street art and find the creations of many artists. The Bière de la Plaine, the city’s first micro-brewery, is also located in the area. We come to Cours Julien to listen to music, see artists, stimulate our creativity, party…

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