Top 10 of the most beautiful places to see dinosaur footprints

If you want to see dinosaurs today, you have to watch movies or series or even go to museums to admire their skeletons as well as the fossils which bear witness to their domination well over 100 million years ago. Nevertheless, it is possible to admire, in the middle of nature, the footprints of these majestic giants. The ancestors of birds told through several fascinating sites…

1. The Costa de los Dinosaurios (Spain)

This stretch of coast of Asturias, located between Gijon and Ribadesella, brings together one of the most formidable collections of dinosaur tracks in the world. And what’s more, you can access it very easily, whenever you want! Traces that go back up to 152 million years, from several more or less large species. And in the process, you can even visit the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, located not far from there.

2. Dinosaur Valley Park (USA)

Welcome to Texas, the state of oil, guns, barbecue and dinosaurs! In this park where it is possible to admire several traces of dinosaurs, dating back to some 112 million years. Two species have been clearly identified: Sauroposeidon and Acrocanthosaurus. In all, nearly 500 fingerprints are collected here.

3. Isle of Skye (Scotland)

If we call this place the island of dinosaurs it is not a coincidence. At low tide, there are therefore multiple footprints dating back 165 million years that are revealed to visitors. And here too a museum allows you to learn a little more about the former tenants of the land.

4. The Dinosaur Footprints Wilderness Reservation (USA)

Still in the United States, in the state of Massachusetts, on the edge of the Connecticut River, nearly 800 footprints tell of the life of the giants who once ruled the world. Footprints including that of a particularly large species, which is described as the ancestor of the famous T-Rex.

5. The Bull Canyon (USA)

In Utah, this dinosaur trail is accessible during a beautiful nature hike. The footprints that can be seen there are those of theropods and date back 200 million years.

6. Cal Orcko (Bolivia)

You can see here the footprints of a baby T-Rex that has obviously climbed a hill in the mud. Amazing footprints alongside 5,000 others. Remains which have notably enabled scientists to learn that adults moved in formation in order to protect their young.

7. Talmont-Saint-Hilaire (France)

We also have dinosaur footprints! And here too it is at low tide that this treasure from the depths of time is revealed. Traces belonging to a dozen species, dating back to the Jurassic.

8. Gantheaume Point (Australia)

Always at low tide, many traces are revealed on the rocks. A magnificent site which stands out as one of the great centers for the study of dinosaurs in the world.

9. Isle of Wight (England)

Known for its mythical music festival, the Isle of Wight is also one of the richest lands in fossils and other dinosaur traces in Europe. The remains of more than 20 species have been found there and of course you can also see footprints.

10. Castelbouc Cave (France)

We end with a relatively inaccessible but nevertheless remarkable site. A cave that contains nothing less than the largest dinosaur footprints in the world. You can clearly see the fingers, pads and claws. A treasure that dates back more than 166 million years, today visible more than 500 meters underground, in Lozère, on the Causse Méjean plateau. The traces measuring more than 1.25 meters, would be those of three titanosaurs of a species for the moment unknown. Animals that are among the largest to have walked the surface of the globe since the appearance of life.

No need to spend lavishly to be amazed!

Source: Wikipedia, Treehugger

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