Top 10 of the most beautiful libraries in Europe

Holidu is a vacation rental search engine. A library is a place where books are found. Holidu has toured the most beautiful Bibles in Europe. Europe is a collection of countries that are located on the European continent. We took over the Holidu ranking to make it a top 100% books, 100% heritage and 100% holidays: 300% happiness.

1. Wirtschaftsuniversität Bibliothek Vienna

A modern library in a millennial city. We are in the future and in the tradition and also in the boat and in the submarine. Not to mention that with more than 800,000 references, the quality is there in terms of knowledge. Like Wikipedia, but in real life. And in German.

2. The Sainte-Geneviève library in Paris

With 5 centuries on the clock, the library in the Latin Quarter imposes its style and its 2 million books. It is an inter-university library dating from 1850, classified as historical monuments, drawn on a basilica plan. Once you know all that, you still have to revise everything, but you haven’t wasted your day since you have access to 1.6 million references.

3. The Royal Library in Copenhagen

Inaugurated in 1999 in a neo-modern style, all black and mysterious like a femme fatale in a film with Bogart, the Copenhagen library has around 800,000 references.

4. The Marciana Library in Venice

This library sends heavy, which is quite logical since it is in Venice on Saint Mark’s Square. Dating from the end of the 16th century, it has around 700,000 references in a rather sympathetic setting, as Rabelais said in private.

5. Warsaw University Library

Two buildings, one dating from 1816 and slightly damaged by a not easy history and the other from 1999 for another atmosphere. Lots of colors, gardens, terraces and above all a catalog of 350,000 references which would be very practical if they weren’t mainly in Polish, which is a language I don’t speak.

6. Oodi Central Library in Helsinki

Inaugurated in 2018, this library which includes 100,000 references borrows its curves from the sea in something which, it must be admitted, is not ugly at all even if it vaguely recalls the Philharmonic of Paris. It is also an important place for events with symposiums oriented in particular on sustainable development.

7. The Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz in Stuttgart

It is to the architect Eun Young Yi that we owe this bookcase with a minimalist style. 9 floors dedicated to knowledge that can be reached via a square spiral staircase like Harry Potter and the magic staircase. The library has more than 500,000 references.

8. The John Rylands Library in Manchester

Inaugurated in 1899 in memory of John Rylands, this neo-Gothic building is one of the UK’s university gems, specializing in rare books and original manuscripts. It has more than a million manuscripts for 200,000 additional references.

9. Stiftsbibliothek Admont, Austria (Admont is in Austria)

A baroque-style monastic library, with lots of frescoes, lots of gilding, rooms filled with light and 200,000 references. They weren’t pissed off, the monks.

10. Wiblingen Abbey Library in Germany

A Benedictine monastery from the beginning of the 20th century, a flamboyant Gothic style that leads to roccoco, frescoes, marble, all the majesty necessary to house knowledge (and make a remake of the name of the rose which would take place at the end of the 19th °).

Top 10 of the most beautiful libraries in europe
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