Top 10 of the most beautiful islands in Italy, do you like it?

Among all the things to see and do in Italy, there are obviously a lot of islands to visit, more or less known and more or less large. Havens of beauty, where it is good to enjoy small Italian dishes, the climate, the sun and of course the landscape, never far from the big blue…

1. Sicily

Sicily is almost a country in its own right. An island with the richest history, which puts serious arguments on the table when it comes to seducing tourists. Between Palermo, Cefalù, the Etna volcano, Catania, Syracuse, the valley of the temples of Agrigento or the dazzling Scala dei Turchi, there is frankly plenty to do!

2. Procida

Lesser known, Procida sits at Italy’s ankle, above the kick. Very small, only 3.7 km2 in area, and with just over 10,000 inhabitants, it is also attached to the city of Naples. A marvel with colorful houses, known for its monuments and its superb marina.

3. Elba Island

Known for having welcomed our Napoleon during his exile, Elba is today a tourist paradise with a most fascinating history. The largest island in the Tuscan archipelago, it serves as a favored destination when looking to get some sugar on the white sand beaches, after a good scuba diving session or a hike in the superb landscapes.

4. Sardinia

A star for sure! And that is understandable, as Sardinia, like Sicily, stands out on many points and almost acts as an enclave with its own culture. Here, we eat remarkably well, we marvel at incredible natural sites and we travel through history. Porto Cervo, the remains of the Roman Empire or the mines are among the things to see first when you have the chance to spend some time there.

5. Ischia

Third most populated island in the country, Ischia was once formed by the successive eruptions of the Epomeo. Known and loved for places like Ponte Porto, Lacco Ameno or Forio, a beautiful town on the western coast, Ischia is also the place that the legendary director Luchino Visconti chose as his final resting place.


Not far from Ischia, Capri also managed to carve out the lion’s share. And not only thanks to the song which affirms that “Capri, it is finished”. Because in fact, Capri is far from over! A magnificent island with a very rich history, which is best visited out of season, to avoid the hordes of tourists who can make the place much less peaceful during the summer.

7. Lampedusa

Close to Tunisia, Lampedusa belongs to the Pelagie archipelago. A rather peaceful enclave and inevitably bathed in sunshine, with astonishing coasts, between beaches and superb cliffs. An essential diving spot and certainly one of the Italian islands to favor when trying to avoid cities for the benefit of nature.

8. Stromboli

The island of the famous volcano lends itself wonderfully to more adventurous tourism. You can thus discover the giant of fire, one of the 3 active volcanoes in Italy, but also land in the picturesque villages with whitewashed houses and picturesque alleys.

9. La Maddalena

Not one island but 7! Not to mention the many small islets that are also part of this spectacular archipelago. It is also on the largest of these islands that part of the rock used to build the Statue of Liberty was extracted. Useless but perfect information to shine during long walks or during beautiful evenings spent sipping a good glass of wine with your feet in the water.

10. Panarea

A tiny volcanic island in the Aeolian archipelago, Panarea is also perfect when you want to get off the beaten track. Home to barely 300 inhabitants all year round, it is now popular for welcoming a wealthy clientele but also lends itself perfectly to day trips. A car-free place, where you get around by golf cart and bicycle.

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