Top 10 of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, it’s not just Bali in life

Particularly popular with tour operators, Indonesia has always had the coast with tourists in search of white sand beaches, tropical forest and sunshine. Indonesia which, and it is rather rare, is able to satisfy all appetites. This way, you can party night after night, relax and enjoy the scenery, play sports, surf or dive, walk and explore, without encountering the same kind of scenery twice. Indonesia, which has the particularity of offering its visitors several islands. The best known being of course Bali, which we have chosen to exclude from this top. Just to highlight places that deserve just as much praise…


It is the number 1 alternative in Bali. Here, fewer people, more beauty (yes) and a greater diversity of activities. You can surf, laze on the beach, enjoy real privacy, visit historical sites, walk in the forest and of course indulge in superb hikes.

2. The Gili Islands

Three absolutely paradisiacal little islands that we never talk about. Nevertheless, people come here to feast and to dive. The incredible seabed is also rather dangerous in places. So be careful!

3. Flores

An incredible island not because of its beauty (which is still obvious), but because it is home to many different ethnicities who all have their own culture and customs. And of course, you can also gorge yourself on this spectacular and particularly generous nature. Not to be missed, the tricolor lake Kelimutu.

4. Komodo Island

Known for the dragons it is home to, those spectacular fearless and blameless (well, not quite) monitor lizards, Komodo is also renowned for its almost insolent beauty. A paradise of tranquility, which has, in recent years, gained popularity with a certain elite in search of cushy areas in which to let go.

5. The Nusa Islands

Another group of three islands, close to Bali and its animation, where it is good to meet to precisely escape the noise and the fury. Here again, diving is the national sport, on a par with surfing. People come here to recharge their batteries and fill their memory card with absolutely sensational photos.

6. The Mentawai Islands

Not far from Sumatra, this world famous surf spot is also popular for its incredible biodiversity. On good days, you can come across dolphins and turtles and everyone evolves in a rare harmony. This is where the Mentawai tribe lives.

7. Bintan Island

An island for some time acclaimed by the elite, who come to slum it, far from the tumult of the most tourist spots. Here, everything is luxury and voluptuousness. Nature, benevolent, taking care of offering holidaymakers a setting that meets their requirements.

8. Ternate

Due to the role it played at a time when people came there to collect spices, this island is rich in many fascinating historical monuments. Buildings and other fortresses bathed in nature, which give Ternate all its charm.

9. Misool

You have to see it to believe it: in Misool, beauty is everywhere. Permanently. A haven of greenery surrounded by supernatural blue water, rich in incredible biodiversity, guaranteeing a fascinating history, Misool is one of Indonesia’s best-kept treasures.

10. Waigeo

Another gem, where you can enjoy spectacular beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Lagoons, hills, welcoming water, rocks and forests… Waigeo ticks all the boxes and stands out as one of the most beautiful places in this region of the world.

The only problem is that when you’re there, you don’t want to leave…

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