Top 10 of the most beautiful German villages

A German travel proverb says, “The heaviest luggage for a traveler is an empty purse. It is fair and beautiful. And yes, Germany has many villages, more or less known, lost in nature or more exposed, which are essential when you decide to move away from the big cities. Places that are sometimes out of time, where the history of the country is told between two hikes, over monuments and other exceptional sites spared by the wars of men and to which time has given a patina that gives them even more class. Germany, this fairy tale country, with multiple castles and other curiosities (like the German language).

1. Badenweiler

Very close to the border with Switzerland, this village in the Black Forest stands out as a haven of happiness where you come to recharge your batteries, in particular in the thermal baths. Because in Badenweiler, there are particularly active springs, the water of which is said to have therapeutic properties. Necessarily very wooded, this magnificent village stands out from all this dazzling green thanks to the color of its buildings and enjoys a reputation that is in no way usurped.

2. Berchtesgaden

In the Bavarian Alps, this village offers breathtaking panoramas. The best of the mountains on this side of the border! It was here that Hitler had established his summer quarters. You can still see its eagle’s nest there, which can only be visited in summer. A small important step to remember the horror of war. In another register, the royal castle is also very popular. You can ski there, walk there and learn a lot about the country’s history.

3. Cochem

Appreciated for its wine, Cochem is also appreciated for its remarkable castle, which proudly dominates its world. Nor should we forget the historic centre, the beautiful St. Martin church, the half-timbered houses and the Moselle, which gives the place a unique identity…

4. Schiltach

Vision of paradise… We arrive at Shiltach and we discover half-timbered houses that stand out among the surrounding and omnipresent greenery. The Black Forest takes care of the grain in this region wild enough to encourage the imagination, while the river Schiltach, which gave its name to the village, ends up offering the place the air of a perfect illustration of the typical German village. .

5. Schonach im Schwarzwald

We stay in the Black Forest with this village located in Baden-Württemberg. A very busy ski resort in high season but rather quiet the rest of the year. You can therefore practice winter sports there, hike there or simply do nothing and let yourself be won over by the tranquility… Except when the biggest cuckoo clock in the world sounds!

6. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Perfectly preserved, this small town has managed to preserve its treasures dating from the Renaissance. Like for example its fortifications and many of its monuments such as the Church of St. James, the small square, the Toppler castle, the town hall, the White Tower… These are not the things to see that are missing in Rothenburg ob der Taber.

7. Osterheide

A tiny village as beautiful as it is unknown. A fairy tale atmosphere, a tumultuous history, particularly linked to the Second World War, a super picturesque church and benevolent nature. What more ?

8. Fussen

Located in the south-west of Bavaria, this large village also has its castle. One of the best preserved and largest in the region. If you like Gothic, this is a good address. If you like cinema, this is also a good address because it is here, in Füssen, that the cult scene of Steve McQueen’s escape in The Great Escape was filmed.

9. Triberg im Schwarzwald

The village of the cuckoo! The place where you can also see the highest waterfall in Germany (163 meters high). The House of 1000 Clocks is undoubtedly worth visiting. Especially if you want to bring home a traditional cuckoo clock! But you can also buy nothing at all and go say hello to the real birds, which do not live in the clocks, but in the surrounding Forest. Triberg is also a mecca for hiking.

10. Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden

Famous for its majestic Saint Sebastian church, which remains a major tourist center in the region, Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden is also appreciated for its lake. People come here to enjoy nature, to attend the Autumn Festival, which sees the cows come down from the pastures to reach their winter quarters, for skiing, hiking, gastronomy…

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