Top 10 of the most beautiful forests in France, let’s take a walk in the woods

I don’t know if you’ve watched the Dark series, but it made me want to go for walks in the forest. Not to disappear mysteriously, no, because that’s a bit boring, but to quietly enjoy the calm among the trees, hear the soft sound of the leaves crunching underfoot and smell the scents of the damp earth. Come on, come on, let’s go to the woods, those who are worth it.

1. The Landes de Gascogne forest

It is the largest in France, and almost everyone agrees that it is also the most beautiful. Before, it was a huge swamp, then we decided in the 19th century to plant pine trees there to dry it all up. Today it’s more than a million hectares, or about a million football pitches, a totally stupid comparison because you can’t play football with trees everywhere like that.

2. Vizzavona forest in Corsica

Before, it was a den of bandits who robbed people passing through. Now, normally there’s not too much to worry about and you can quietly enjoy this super beautiful place, with lots of trees (I didn’t have enough fingers to count them) and streams where you can swim. On the other hand, you have to have a little in your legs anyway because here it is far from being flat (but that contributes to the beauty of the place.)

3. The Brocéliande Forest (or Paimpont Forest) in Brittany

Inevitably, a forest in which part of the Arthurian legend would have taken place, it makes you want to go for a walk. Plus, Merlin the Wizard would be buried there. Anyway, it’s a perfect place to go for a walk (plus we really need it.)

4. The forest of Compiègne in Picardy

This is the forest where the kings of France preferred to hunt (yes, I asked them, I have their phone number, and if you don’t believe me, so be it), with their horses and their packs of dogs. Today they stopped, who knows why. The Allée des Beaux Monts which passes through the middle of the trees is something to see at least once in your life. And not just in photos.

5. The Eawy forest in Normandy

A forest of beeches where to set foot, and perhaps be new beings in this perimeter. Yes, the forest of Eawy makes you bucolic and makes you want to write poems that are a little bit useless. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s normal when you walk around such a pretty place.

6. The forest of Ribeauvillé in the Haut-Rhin

Already, the forest is beautiful, but in addition it has some trees imported from the United States. Giant Douglas firs that can reach at least 60 meters, and a giant sequoia planted in 1856 for the birth of Napoleon III’s son. Today it is almost 60 meters, as much to say that the thing has grown well.

7. Chambord Park in Loir-et-Cher

Another former king’s hunting ground, that of Francis I (who is currently deceased, if you were wondering.) Today only part of the park is open, the other being a nature reserve that we can only visit under conditions, just to leave the animals alone for a bit. But the open part is already worth the detour and does not prevent you from being able to hope to see deer or a cute little fox. And as long as you’re in the area you can also take a look at the castle, it’s not disgusting.

8. Païolive wood in Ardèche

It is crossed by gorges formed by erosion and it is called “fairy wood”. Locals tell tales of the various time-carved cliffs. There’s that of the confrontation between the bear and the lion, that of the elephant or even that of the bird and its nest, and you have to know how to recognize them. In short, it’s worth going with a guide who knows the area perfectly.

9. The Grande Chartreuse forest in Isère and Savoie

Between Chambéry and Grenoble, there is the Grande Chartreuse monastery. All around there is a forest. There too you need to have good legs, since we are still in the Alps and it can climb well. But I know you have beautiful legs.

10. The Iraty forest in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Between Spain and France, there is still a mysterious forest which shelters legends. According to the myth (Basque, obviously), Basajaun, the lord of the forest, a kind of not super nice ogre, would live here. But to reassure you, it’s completely false, I’m currently there and I can tell you that there is absolutely no

(Actually I wanted to fake a death for the joke, but the result is a bit disappointing.)

I could not put all the forests of France, there forest perhaps remedy it. Thank you for your indulgence.

Sources: Lonelyplanet, lebonguide

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