Top 10 of the most beautiful failures of football

In football, as everywhere in life, there are sometimes failures… beautiful failures. Obvious missed opportunities, improbable falls or own goals: the players sometimes impress us with their inventiveness.

Because it would be too easy to retain only the good ones, it is also necessary to show the bad ones, or even the good ones which have small moments of absence. I warn you, some images / videos of this top can be very frustrating as the action seems crude.

1. Aster Vranckx’s incredible miss in a Belgian championship match

Aster Vranckx, a 17-year-old Belgian player, a very promising element in Belgium, during a match between his team from Mechelen to Ostend, missed a goal opportunity that was unmissable.

After a missed intervention by the opposing goalkeeper, Vranckx found himself alone in front of the goal, he controlled the ball with his chest and then he just had to put it in the back of the net with the flat of his foot. And yet Vranckx misses his gesture, steps on the ball and falls, ouch… He then tries to get up, but it’s too late, an opposing defender has had plenty of time to come and push the ball away.

The gesture went around the networks to the great despair of the young Belgian player. We are counting on him to catch up in a next game.

2. Fernando Torres’ big failure against Manchester United

Despite his talent, the Spaniard Fernando Torres failed to mark his territory at Chelsea.

And we see it even more in this Premier League match in 2011 against Manchester United. After managing to create two great chances, Torres twice misses the goal incomprehensibly for a player of this level.

In this match, we see him eliminate the Red Devils goalkeeper, David De Gea, and miss the empty goal. Big blow for the team.

3. Yakubu Aiyegbeni’s failure at the 2010 World Cup

In a match between Nigeria and South Korea, Nigerian player Yakubu Aiyegbeni missed an opportunity which, once again, was unmissable.

Nigeria trailed Korea 2-1 and that goal could have been the equaliser. While the ball is literally served to him on a plate and Aiyegbeni is perfectly placed in front of the goal, the latter misses the target. Big disappointment for Nigeria after this failure, however the player does not particularly want to apologize. Yes, to err is human.

4. The (many) failures of Mitroglou

Expected as the great OM striker, Mitroglou disappointed the Marseillais well, but really well.

At the same time it must be said that Mitroglou’s failures, there are a lot of them, we could almost make a top entirely for him (but we’re not going to do it, poor thing). We well remember one of his most beautiful fails in an L1 match in 2018 which pitted OM against ASSE. While Mitroglou is only 5m from the opposing goal, he manages not to score, taken by stress, emotion, in fact we don’t really know what, but he missed once again.

Mitroglou’s 3 years at OM will clearly not have been his best years.

5. Cavani’s big fail in L1 in 2018, it happens even to the best

Top scorer in the championship, perhaps, but this failure of Cavani during a match between PSG and ASSE will be remembered.

While Cavani is alone in front of the goal, he misses the unmissable, especially for a player of his rank. Di Maria and Cavani are alone in front of the opposing goal, and while Cavani was ultra well placed to score, he lets go of the ball. PSG was still trailing at that time (1-0), so it’s not great for morale.

6. James Rodriguez’s mistake in the Champions League in 2018

In a match between Real and Bayern Munich, with the score at 1-1, James Rodriguez has an incredible opportunity to score… an opportunity that he misses.

Nobody understood, not even him, who after this error rolls around on the ground screaming (yes, he didn’t experience it very well). Fortunately James Rodriguez will be able to catch up by scoring the equalizing goal (2-2) in the 63rd minute.

7. Asian Game 2010, the handsome failure of Fahad Khalfan

When the score was 0-0 in the Qatar vs Uzbekistan quarter-final of the Asian Games in 2010, Fahad Khalfan, Qatari player had an incredible opportunity to score.

The Uzbek goalkeeper makes a mistake and leaves his cages leaving the field open to Fahad Khalfan who manages to miss his shot when he was literally in front of the goal. A failure which also has consequences since Uzbekistan will finally win the match 1-0 after extra time. Finally, note that Fahad Khalfan has not played in the national team since that day (he was only 18).

8. Choupo Moting’s incredible miss in 2019, which completely prevents a goal

Choupo Monting also has his share of failures. And in particular in 2019 in an L1 match between PSG and Strasbourg, where he simply prevents a goal from entering.

If he had certainly opened the scoring, the Cameroonian international of PSG also deprived one of his teammates, Nkunku, of a goal which should have been obvious, by deflecting (involuntarily) the ball with his foot.

The image went around the world, because in the category of failures we had rarely seen a player prevent a teammate from scoring.

9. Valbuena’s missed chance against Lille

It was in 2017, in Ligue 1 in a match between Lyon and Lille, that Valbuena signed one of his best failures.

OL were trailing 1-0 by Lille, a golden opportunity presented itself against Valbuena, who wasted it. To sum up, Maxwel Cornet managed to break through the Lille defense, then his cross was pushed back by Vincent Enyeama, at the feet of Mathieu Valbuena who only had to push the ball into an empty goal. However, the Lyon striker missed this empty goal, and sends his shot on the crossbar…

10. Mbappé’s missed penalty during the last edition of the Euro (we don’t blame you bb)

Well here it is even for me it hurts me to write these lines and to revive this painful memory in my memory… but it must be said that the match against Switzerland at the last edition of the Euro was still a great failure.

Trailing 3-1 until the 80th minute, the Swiss managed to get the score back in just 10 minutes. Suddenly extra time, then shot on goal. And while the last decisive penalty must be taken by our darling Mbappé, the latter misses it, to the great surprise of all the supporters and spectators.

A lot of pressure, maybe too much stress, the French resented Mbappé, because we trusted him not to miss. This penalty will surely remain in his memory for a long time, but it is also normal to go through it, especially at this age, and it does not detract from his talent, it must be said.

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