Top 10 of the most beautiful canyons made in France

If the United States has the self-proclaimed “Grand Canyon”, France is not to be outdone with its many gorges which have the advantage, in addition to being beautiful postcards, of being fun. Put on your jellyfish and on the way for a panorama of the most beautiful canyons of our region!

1. The Gorges du Verdon (Var)

Turquoise waters bordered by cliffs up to 700m high, these gorges are the deepest in Europe. You can slip into them by canoe, explore them by car, motorbike or bicycle provided you have the calves of a climber, all with breathtaking views… neighboring hilltop villages.

2. The Tarn Gorges

53 km of sheer cliffs, arches, rocky cirques traversed by water whose temperature will often make you regret the soup of the Mediterranean… the Gorges du Tarn have, like its inhabitants, character. The type to jostle you warmly to welcome you, to amaze you and fill your head for hours, before abandoning you, sated, exhausted… but happy!

3. The Ardèche Gorges

36,000 years ago our distant ancestors were already camping in the region, tagging along the way the walls of the caves that served as their refuge. Time passed and the river continued its work of undermining, leaving its waters to draw the stone at the foot of these high cliffs. Perched on your makeshift boat (canoe rental not available in summer), you will take it easy pushed by the current to the Pont de l’Arc, a natural stone gate overlooking the river.

4. The Nesque Gorges (Vaucluse)

Here, it smells of scrubland, lavender, dodger and fresh water… Add a cooler, a few ice cubes, a bottom of pastaga accompanied by a stirrer, the matching bucket hat and you’re right in the Tour atmosphere from France who passes here every year. Moreover, it is from the road that you will best enjoy the view of the canyons dug by the Nesque. There are even those who push the vice so far as to walk on the asphalt as a dancer (the position on the bike, not the ballerina outfit), or while running.

5. The Gorges of Holzarté and Kakuetta (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

These gorges offer a magnificent and high-perched spectacle, all about 1 hour from Pau. Here, the beauty of the area is inversely proportional to the look of the hikers who venture there with their boots as flexible as ski boots, their water bottle slung over their shoulders and their adjustable pants to make Bermudas look like a fashion-week accessory. .

6. The Ocher Trail (Vaucluse)

Landscape worthy of the far west 50 km from Avignon, the village of Roussillon was invaded by the sea for a long time before being invaded by tourists. What was it there? 100 million years before the oceans receded, rain, wind and the hand of man redrew these ocher-colored cliffs which gave all visitors red-skinned faces and made this unusual place a French landscapes that give the impression of being far, very far away.

7. The Oules canyon in Freissinières and Chichin (Hautes-Alpes)

Located at the gates of the Ecrins natural park, these two canyons are well-known spots for extreme canyoning enthusiasts. Dizzying scenery, natural slides tens of meters long, and abseiling descents, are all invitations to take the plunge to the final geyser. Small players abstain!

8. The Gorges du Loup (Alpes-Maritimes)

Holidays are the ideal time to discover the Loup and its deep gorges which wind through vertiginous canyons for nearly 50 km near the villages of Grasse and Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Several waterfalls mark out the course with in particular that of “Courmes” and its 40m height in guide of final orgasm.

9. The Chassezac Gorges (Ardèche)

Welcome to the den of the Devil, the little name given to this deep canyon dug by the Chassezac river for millennia. Here, the waters are turbulent, the steep cliffs and the sporting ballads. Fortunately, it is always possible to escape from these gorges to gain height from the road or the village of La Garde-Guérin and its impregnable panoramic belvedere.

10. The Gorges of Galamus (Pyrénées-Orientales)

If in summer, the road that runs along these gorges resembles the Parisian ring road at the time of office exits, caravans and other motorhomes in addition, it is because the spectacle is well worth the trip. Ideally, it is better to abandon your vehicle as soon as possible to discover these gorges on foot, even if it means challenging the void from time to time during jumps and slides towards natural bathtubs.

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