Top 10 of the most beautiful Breton islands, kenavo la mer

Needless to epilogue 107 years about the beauty of Brittany. It’s beautiful and then that’s it. It’s not even debatable. Brittany and its formidable islands which offer the enormous advantage of an almost total change of scenery, just a few boat terminals from the mainland. Suffice to say that before going around, you will first have to choose which one to start with…

1. Ushant

If Ouessant is so recommendable and therefore scoops first place in this top (this is of course totally subjective), it is because it has managed to preserve its wild aspect. The island at the end of the world with spectacular cliffs, where the climate and nature dictate their law, its generous fauna and flora, its intimidating storms and its photogenic lighthouses. Ouessant is unique in the world.

2. Brehat Island

Close to the coast, Bréhat enjoys a tranquility due to the absence of cars and frankly it feels good. The air is pure, we take advantage of the micro-climate, we take the time to smell the perfume of the flowers and to stroll between the charming little houses. It is not for nothing that Bréhat was, in 1907, the first site to be classified as a “remarkable natural site and monument of artistic characteristics”.

3. Houat Island

An extraordinary natural paradise, with breathtaking coves, unspoiled landscapes and spectacular biodiversity. An ideal place to rest, to take stock and simply enjoy.

4. The Glénans

A paradise archipelago made up of nine main islands and several islets. The fact that the Glénan has sometimes been described as a kind of glimpse of Tahiti in Brittany says a lot about all that this place has to offer its visitors.

5. Belle-Ile-en-Mer

Sung by Laurent Voulzy, this famous Breton island with a reputation that is second to none, of course has a lot to offer. For example, we can cite the Goulphar Lighthouse, the Vauban Citadel or even the fort of Sarah Bernhardt. One can also simply appreciate the wonderful work of nature, surf or walk on the coastal paths. From Claude Monet to Flaubert, via Johnny Depp, there are countless celebrities who have chosen Belle-Île to stay there for varying periods of time. The kind of place that doesn’t need a lot of publicity to attract people. To show up there is to adopt it!

6. The island of Sein

Formerly sadly famous for the cholera epidemic which raged there and for the many shipwrecks which occurred there, the island of Sein is today very appreciated for its gastronomy. Basically, if you want to guzzle in Breton fashion, this is kind of the place to go. Even if we eat well more or less everywhere in the end.

7. The island of Groix

17 villages share a perfectly preserved territory. The diversity of the landscapes is astonishing and the inhabitants welcoming. Groix which can be explored on foot or, even better to cover more ground, by bike. A magical place, out of time, perfect for spending holidays with the impression of being cut off from the world.

8. Hoëdic Island

Here also forget the car. She may well stay on the mainland. The island of Hoëdic shines with its ability to offer a truly relaxing experience. Life goes on, calmly, in concert with benevolent nature. There is a bit for all tastes. Including when one seeks above all to roast oneself on a beach. Because here, the beaches are perfect!

9. Batz

Here too the change of scenery is total. Just 15 minutes by boat from Roscoff, Batz offers a wide range of nature-related activities. It’s super beautiful, you feel like you’re far, very far away, and in general, it’s hard to leave…

10. Cezembre

Pounded relentlessly during the Second World War, Cézembre, this beautiful island in the bay of Saint-Malo, has kept the scars of this sad period but has nevertheless been able to regain its luster to offer its visitors good reasons to linger. , between scenic hikes and swimming.