Top 10 of the most annoying parents when you work in a nursery

Topiteurs, topiteuses, we heard you. After a flurry of comments following the top on the most praised childcare assistants, we decided to also talk about annoying parents in nursery, because there’s no reason to only hit on one side. Now we are good, 1 everywhere, ball in the center. It must be said that this old top has inspired you, we will be able to restore the truth a little like that.

1. The one who thinks his child is the only one in the nursery

He does not understand that all the attention is not only focused on his heir. He did see that there were other babies, but he doesn’t care, it’s only his that counts. He has trouble understanding the meaning of the word “community”, and wants his little one to be everyone’s priority.

Top 10 of the most annoying parents when you work
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2. The One Who Forgets Everything

He zaps the comforter, the pacifier, the physiological saline and the Doliprane. He even forgot to put on a change of clothes, and yells because his kid’s bodysuit is stained after the 3rd liquid stool of the day (thanks to the gastro epidemic). He always promises to bring everything back the next day, except he forgets, as usual.

3. He who has ordinances for everything

He has a prescription for organic milk, organic diapers, refuses to let his kid wear the diapers provided by the crèche, and brings back all his personal gear. The fact of requiring a prescription for each special request does not slow him down, on the contrary.

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4. The one who doubts you

He asks you about your qualifications, the year you graduated, if you have children yourself, and if you ate well this morning. He wants to know everything, to make sure you’re not an escaped psychopath. He must know that you don’t work in a nursery like that, but he doesn’t care, he’s giving you another job interview, just in case.

5. The one who always arrives late

He knows that the crèche closes at 6:30 p.m. at most, but he always arrives at 6:40 p.m., not even out of breath, without even apologizing. He says to himself that you are not close to 10 minutes, and that it is not this small delay that will change anything. He doesn’t care if you yourself have kids at home or a social life, he won’t change his schedule for your apple either, and then what else.

6. He who is afraid of diseases

He asks every day what are the epidemics of the week, to prepare himself psychologically to vomit his guts for two days in case of gastro in his kid. He dreads bronchiolitis like the plague, and looks askance at the poor kid who has conjunctivitis.

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7. The one who yells when it’s on strike

He has known for a week that there will be a one-day strike, but is still yelling because he hasn’t had time to organize himself. He hates public service, and thinks everyone who goes on strike is just lazy leftists. He does not even try to take an interest in the demands of the strikers, anyway they are no better than the unemployed.

8. The One Who Knows Nothing

He never bothers to read the huge information board at the entrance to the crèche, where all the important information is marked. Suddenly, he is not aware of the next strike, nor of the closing of the crèche for the pedagogical day, nor of the day of the arrival of the photographer, of the parental elections, or of the date of the Christmas snack.

9. The one who thinks he’s the only one working

He dares to tell you “have fun” by dropping off his kid, and tells you that he is exhausted coming to pick him up, slipping “I worked all day, me”. Well yes, it’s true that babysitting other people’s kids is super relaxing, plus we only paint with our fingers all day, yay.

10. The one who brings home his sick kid all the time

“He has a fever of 39, but he doesn’t feel bad”, “he’s been vomiting all night, but I don’t think it’s gastro, because I don’t feel any symptoms”, “he’s coughing and wheezing. bit of the bronchi, but it’s not yet an epidemic of bronchiolitis”, are his favorite phrases. The parent does not at all want to drag his sick child home, and he prefers to drop him off in all circumstances.

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