Top 10 of the least populated municipalities in France, those where we know everyone

We often talk about the most populated French cities. But France has 36,000 towns, cities, villages, hamlets and other towns. Among them, there are some that have fewer inhabitants than people in your open space. Obviously, it is not in this kind of places that you will spend the most inflamed evenings of your life but hey, France is also that. Places where everyone knows each other, where it is better not to argue with your neighbour, when there is one…

1. Rochefourchat, Drome 1 inhabitant

A number: 1. Like its ranking in the table of the least populated municipalities in France, and its number of inhabitants. A villager, perhaps, but two churches despite everything, history. However, at one time, the place was not lacking in talent, since at the dawn of the 20th century, the village fanfare won the first prize in France for a popular song to the glory of the town. Well, after that, it seems the locals realized that having a marching band was a bit shameful. Undoubtedly the reason for their flight, history that one does not stick to them a label. Good job guys.

Top 10 of the least populated municipalities in france, those where we know everyone
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2. Majastres, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 2 inhabitants

Located at an altitude of 1,200m, Majastres has 2 inhabitants. To get there, you will have to earn it, and take narrow mountain roads that are almost impassable. Once there, however, you can appreciate the magnificent landscapes of Haute-Provence. However, the economic situation of the city remains precarious, since the unemployment rate has reached 50%. A blow to attractiveness, no doubt.

3. Leménil-Mitry, Meurthe and Moselle 3 inhabitants

Leménil-Mitry is what is called a city anchored to the Right. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy collected 100% of the votes cast in his favour. In 2012, it was more contrasted, since the former President collected only 50%, against 25 for François Bayrou and 25 for Eva Joly. It is necessary to believe that the 4 registered on the electoral lists of the city argued. Fortunately, it is not likely to happen to the Municipal Council, since 5 of the 9 elected members bear the surname Mitry, like the Mayor, who has held the position since 1977. In certain Caucasian or African countries, this is called a dictatorship. Here, a shortage.

4. Aulan, Drome 4 inhabitants

The four Aulannais are lucky, very lucky. They live in a village which is home to remarkable monuments, such as the magnificent castle listed as a historical monument which contains in particular many works of art, as well as a Romanesque church, whose altar is carved in wood. And that’s all. It is undoubtedly for this reason that in 2002, Aulan was the twelfth French city to have voted for Jean-Marie Le Pen, who had collected 55% of the votes. “A protest vote” explains Wikipedia. Against what ?

5. Ornes, Meuse 5 inhabitants

Ornes, in the Meuse, is on the list of French villages destroyed during the First World War. Some houses were nevertheless rebuilt on the site of the village, which today has 5 inhabitants, just to give a second youth to the territory. But that, the French State has nothing to knock, since the town continues to be classified as a “dead city”. When there is nothing to add, nothing is added.

6. Baren, Haute-Garonne 5 inhabitants

This small village in the Pyrenees has five inhabitants. Among them, André Larrieu and Florienne Jamme, who call themselves “the lizards”. Otherwise, more seriously, the Revolution would be on the program for Baren, since according to the Mayor, the population should double this year, with the arrival of five new inhabitants, “including one active”. It is the whole economy which is recovering, therefore.

7. Caubous, Haute-Garonne 6 inhabitants

Located in the agglomeration of Baren (point just above), we find Caubous, and its 6 inhabitants. The “megalopolis” is located at almost 2000 meters above sea level, which offers its visitors lost a nice panorama of the environment. Ideal to bring life to your date, much cheaper than a date in Paris in any case. Anyway, Caubous is also famous for its monuments, the Church, the door of the Church and the Cross next to the Church. A must in this ranking.

8. Érone Haute-Corse 6 inhabitants

Erone is the only island village of this top. Located in Haute-Corse, in the Castagniccia region, a mountainous and very wooded area of ​​the island. However, there would be 21 dwellings for 6 inhabitants. The solution to the housing crisis could therefore be Corsican.

9. Caunette-sur-Lauquet, Aude 7 inhabitants

Caunette-sur-Lauquet is a small town in Aude with seven inhabitants. It is therefore not the kind of place where you can easily check your emails or the results of Ligue 1 on your iPhone, on a weekend in August. On the other hand, if we were Xavier Dupond de Ligonnès, it is in this kind of very quiet village that we would hide, story that we are never found.

10. Senconac, Ariège 6 inhabitants

Senconac had 5 inhabitants in 2006. As such, it was the least populated municipality of Ariège, which is already one of the seven least populated departments of France. From there, what to say? And although the town experienced its first birth in more than 60 years in June. The child’s first name? Eyquem, yes, Eyquem. Needless to say, the birth took place the same way as the most famous of DJ Abdel’s albums: the old-fashioned way.

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