Top 10 of the favorite destinations of old people, tourism of the 3rd age

They move in groups and stand in front of the monuments, feeding the queues sometimes decked out in small vests like in the scouts to prevent their guide from losing them. Old people love to travel and that’s a good thing. Because without them, things would go too fast and the holidays would lose their salt. But precisely, where to go to make sure to cross a maximum? We are of course talking about the old French here.

1. France

Older people like to travel but not necessarily very far. There’s nothing like a good campsite at the foot of the dune of Pilat to come across them, even if not many of them can still undertake the ascent of the dune in question. But they don’t care because they climbed it during their youth and just like to contemplate it while drinking their infusion after their grilling. You know, they’re the same ones who call the campground managers because you’re making too much noise at 5 a.m. when you come home drunk. Otherwise, among the favorite regions of old people we find Aquitaine, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the South-West, Brittany and of course Corsica which is popular with all age groups.

2. Spain

Old people are like everyone else, they love the sun. The sun warms hearts and tired joints, it is well known. Spain is perfect for that! It’s not far, it’s beautiful and it’s not expensive. In general, the old prefer the spots at the edge of the water. Preferably on the Mediterranean side, it’s quieter.

3. Italy

It’s a bit the same system as for Spain except that here, you replace the paella on the port of Roses by a pasta dish next to the Pantheon or on the edge of Lake Como for the most wealthy.

4. Portugal

A real Eldorado for the elderly, Portugal also has a coast of hell. There’s nothing like a good port in Porto or a plate of clams in Lisbon to rediscover the ardor of its 20 years. Economical and beautiful, Portugal also offers an ideal climate. What advantages!

5. Greece

Old people love Greece. It changes old French stones. Here where they can wander among the ruins and tell themselves that it was really better before and that back then, there’s no denying it, we knew how to stack stones with style.

6. Tunisia

Come on, let’s move away a little with Tunisia, one of the favorite destinations of our old friends. Multiple stays are offered with various and varied visits and preferential prices on locally produced products.

7. Morocco

On a par with Tunisia, Morocco is full of old French people on the go who like nothing more than to travel through the magnificent landscapes on board their bus and in the end spend more time in the bus in question than in the hotel or on the tourist sites.

8. Vietnam

We go even further, to Asia, with Vietnam, which knows how to be attractive to people of mature age. There are even formulas that allow you to go with small children. Isn’t life beautiful? The grandparents take off with the kids, at their expense, leaving us all the freedom we need to jerk off for 15 days!

9. Cambodia

Many trips are also organized to visit this wonderful country.

10. Thailand

We end with Thailand which also has the favors of the old. Go find out why…

Moral of the story: if you want to dodge old people, go north, where it’s cold.

Source: West France

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