Top 10 of the dumbest tourists arrested during their holidays, real champions

Tourists are a bit like our friends’ kids: it’s nice as long as they keep quiet. Unfortunately, it is enough to travel a minimum to realize that, if the grass is sometimes greener elsewhere, there are always idiots to wipe their feet on it without any scruple.

1. Steal an ear piece from an Easter Island statue

In 2008, a Finnish tourist was prosecuted for trying to steal an earlobe from a statue on the island. A witness recounted having seen him climb on it more than 4 meters high and drop several pieces of 20 to 30 m each, which the person concerned hastened to recover. Arrested by the authorities, he had to pay a fine of 17,000 dollars before being able to return to his country. And still it could have been worse, the Mayor of the Island wished to inflict the same damages to him as those which he had made with the statue Moaï. : eye for an eye, ear for an ear.

2. Take naked selfies at the Angkor site

Undoubtedly inspired by the charm of the place, two American sisters on a trip to Angkor in February 2015 had the brilliant idea of ​​photographing themselves naked ass inside the Preah Khan Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Caught in flagrante delicto, the pants to the ankles, the two offenders were each sentenced to a fine of 250 euros, to a suspended sentence of 6 months in prison, accompanied by an immediate renewal at the border with Thailand. They were also banned from entering Cambodian territory for 4 years.

3. Steal a penguin from an Australian theme park

In France, it happens that during a drunker evening than usual, we have fun borrowing a llama from a circus, to take him around the city. In Australia, it is the penguins that attract the curious. In 2012, 2 English tourists decided to steal a penguin from a Sea Wold water park. They took advantage of their visit to take a dip in the dolphin pool, and to throw fire extinguishers into the shark pool. The two zigotos woke up the next morning with a terrible headache, and a penguin in their room, without knowing how he could have landed there. The investigation revealed that our two Englishmen had each drunk 1.5 liters of vodka before starting their nocturnal escapade. They were each fined just under 650 euros ($1,000 Australian).

4. Engrave his name on the walls of the temple of Amenhotep III in Luxor

In 2013, a certain Ding Jao ​​left on the stone of the temple of Amenhotep III in Luxor, a trace of his passage. Unfortunately for him, a photo posted on the Chinese social network Weibo went viral, and a real manhunt began across the country. All the Chinese Ding Jao ​​then had to prove that they had never set foot in Egypt. All but one. A young boy from the city of Nanjing who became the national symbol of the bad behavior of Chinese tourists abroad. A bad moment for the kid and especially for his parents who had to apologize publicly for the slippage of their offspring.

5. Climb the Brooklyn Bridge cables to take a photo

The Brooklyn Bridge obviously attracts a bunch of crazy people. Just a few months after 2 German tourists climbed the two towers of the bridge to replace the American flag with a white flag, it was a Frenchman who stood out this time. A certain Yonatan Souid, a photography lover, began to climb on the structure of the bridge to find the best possible angle. Arrested on his descent, he was prosecuted for dangerous behavior, criminal violation of property and disturbing public order and had to pay 7000 euros to be released on bail, pending his trial. He narrowly avoided jail and got off with 30 days of community service.

6. Take selfies at Auschwitz-Birkenau

Each year more than a million visitors pass through the gates of the former death camp. In the lot, a bunch of scatterbrains have fun transforming this place of memory, into a morbid scene of their narcissism. A phenomenon that has taken on such proportions in recent years that it inspired the Israeli artist Shahak Shapira, the “Yolocaust” project, to remind younger generations of the horror that took place here, and the respect that is of.

7. Climb the Cheops pyramid

An 18-year-old German decided in 2015 to embark on the ascent of the 140 meters of the pyramid of Cheops, just to take a nice photo from its top. Despite the cries and warnings of the guards posted around the monument, this adventurous tourist succeeds in becoming without doubt one of the first in more than 4500 years to set foot at the very top of this monument. FYI, it took 8 minutes to reach its summit. What he did not know, however, was that his little trip could earn him 3 long years in prison… which he escaped, in exchange for a life ban from setting foot in Egypt again.

8. Falling asleep drunk on a baggage carousel

This mishap happened to a Chinese tourist who took a nap on the baggage carousel of the Zhejiang train station. The young man was so drunk that he was entitled to a full body X-ray scan, without disturbing his sleep in the least.

9. Mimicking sex positions at a party in Cambodia

A few days ago, 90 tourists were arrested near the site of Angkor Wat for having mimed sexual acts during a party in a villa they had rented. Among them, 10 are currently being prosecuted for pornographic dancing. They each face up to a year in prison. A sentence which may certainly seem disproportionate, but which reminds us that abroad too, there are certain rules to be respected.

10. Walk naked through the streets of Barcelona

In the summer of 2014, 3 Italian friends set themselves a stupid challenge: to run naked in Barcelona. Their little exhibition lasted a good 3 hours, entering several stores in Adam’s outfit, before being caught by the authorities. This episode triggered a protest movement in the city among the inhabitants who demonstrated by the thousands against the nuisances and behavioral problems of certain tourists.

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