Top 10 of the dumbest racist arguments on Earth, people are very very stupid

You know what’s worse than a racist? A racist who is looking for rotten arguments to get across his very lame ideas. And it happens very often, like about every 2 seconds. We have compiled a few examples of people who would have done better to use their brains for much more noble causes. Or noble causes, period, in fact.

1. “Mermaids can’t be black, because there’s little sun under the water”

Disney chose Halle Bailey, a black actress, to play Ariel the Little Mermaid and it unleashes racists around the world. We had “But Ariel is white and red”, and even more elaborate arguments like “But in fact it’s not possible that the little mermaid is black because underwater there is no rays of the sun, therefore a deficit of melanin. »

But be careful, huh, nothing to do with racism, it was just for logical reasons.

Top 10 of the dumbest racist arguments on Earth people

2. Holocaust denial in life expectancy mode by Henry de Lesquen

Henry de Lesquen was sentenced for several racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic remarks. Among these, there is one that is particularly stupid. The president of the PNL (this is the real name of his party) and self-claimed person as being the most racist in France was surprised to see that Holocaust survivors had lived so old despite the trauma suffered… No doubt proof of their stories full of fabrications because when you see the photos, huh, you can clearly see that they won’t be long.

3. When etymology no longer means anything

This same Lesquen, decidedly crazy, returned to the charge by explaining that the word “jazz” meant “sperm” in “black slang” (sic) and that rock‘n’roll could be translated as “fuck and enjoy”. That was enough to explain that “Negro music is addressed to the “reptilian brain” according to these “biological considerations”. Oh is it organic? It must be true, then.

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4. The whole pseudo-scientific approach to race differences

Since the middle of the 19th century, the proponents of a scientific differentiation of the supposed human races have been intoxicating us with pseudo-scientific gibberish and above all completely stupid. We have known since the 1950s that races do not exist in the human species; in 2003, the debate was definitively buried by science since the human genome project was completed, proving that all humans shared 99.9% of their DNA… In the meantime, we have been done everything: measured skulls, established stupid correlations between economic development and intelligence…

1663686301 652 Top 10 of the dumbest racist arguments on Earth people

5. The stormtrooper who couldn’t be black

When John Boyega was confirmed to be cast in the new Star Wars trilogy as a stormtrooper, the internet went wild. But be careful, the problem was not so much that he was black, no, eh, far from us all that all that, but a stormtrooper can’t be black eh! Hours and hours of sterile debate which forgot in passing, in the name of an all that is most racist coherence, that the Star Wars universe is made up of wookies and droids which do not seem very realistic , It is the least we can say.

1663686302 459 Top 10 of the dumbest racist arguments on Earth people

6. Eric Zemmour and the permanent observation

Prosecuted in 2011 for having justified the principle of facies control by the fact that most of the traffickers were black and Arab (thus playing on a rather deleterious amalgam), Zemmour justified himself by claiming to “describe a reality, quite simply”. The problem with these pseudo-empirical arguments is that they only have reality in the claimed experience of the one who holds them. So none. But hey, we’re not going to go back over all the bullshit that Zemmour may have said.

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7. Let’s go back a bit to this cranial capacity

In the 1850s, there was a guy absolutely obsessed with supposed racial differences: Arthur de Gobineau. Author of an Essay on the inequalities between races, Gobineau reported on a study conducted on the size of the cranial box of European and African populations supposed to prove that the cranial capacity of Africans was lower than that of Europeans and therefore, CQFD, that the smartest were the Europeans. The only problem in this affair is that not only were the figures given by Gobineau wrong, but above all that they were based on a stupid idea according to which the size of the cranial box would have a direct link with intelligence. A link that is anything but obvious and that recent research on Neanderthal man, a priori less able to establish powerful cognitive connections than sapiens, tends to invalidate.

1663686305 798 Top 10 of the dumbest racist arguments on Earth people
Photo credits (Public Domain): Paul Mahaut (Mathilde Sallier de La Tour, born Ruinart de Brimont)

8. Idris Elba or the impossible James Bond

The classiest actor in the world has thrown in the towel. After Sean Connery said that the actor was “not very English” and therefore not necessarily the best for the role, Elba ended up giving up, tired of reading racist comments on social networks against him. He decided not to play the role anymore.

9. The stupid assumptions of the FFF

In 2018, Mediapart published transcripts of speeches given in the internal bodies of the French Football Federation. There were mentioned a project to set up quotas in the national team based on physical and ethnic criteria. Moreover, these documents reported stupid prejudices such as “white players are more cerebral and have a better team spirit” than “Africans and Arabs”, whose speed and power, on the other hand, could be praised.

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